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A Wealthy Affiliate Comparison
Submitted By: Web Publicity Date: March 11, 2009, 05:38:55 PM Views: 2020
Summary: I've been asked to do a Wealthy Affiliate Comparison. You've probably seen and heard alot about internet marketing programs by now and it's probably a little overwhelming the number and type of internet marketing programs that are out there.

I've been asked to do a Wealthy Affiliate Comparison. You've probably seen and heard alot about internet marketing programs by now and it's probably a little overwhelming the number and type of internet marketing programs that are out there.

What one who is thinking about starting an internet business really needs to do to make an internet marketing campaign successful is think about what skills he or she brings to their program. Someone like me when I started out who has a few or meager skills and limited resources then definitely needs to make the most of what he or she has. The question that befuddled me was "How do you do that though when there are so many products to choose from and you haven't a clue what you need to really succeed on the web, and how does Wealthy Affiliate or any other program meet those needs?"

In order to do a proper Wealthy Affiliate comparison I needed to look at what typically a successful individual web marketer needs in order to really get going and succeed.

In no particular order, a web marketer needs:

1. Ideas - lots of them
2. Affiliate programs
3. Websites
4. Marketing program(s)
5. Domain names
6. Hosting (at some point)

Typically putting all these things together would cost thousands of dollars, and on top of that one person has to create all of it and put it together. Frankly there just aren't enough hours in the day to do that. Successful startup internet marketers need to leverage their time and the efforts of other individuals to help get over the hump. That is where I believe there is no Wealthy Affiliate comparison.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a group of internet marketers who have banded together to leverage each others efforts and succeed as a group en masse where other programs pretty much leave individuals to their own devices. I am not aware of any other place to find a wealthy affiliate comparison with turn-key ready to go resources like these:

1. Comprehensive Market Research including keywords, sample articles, and website templates
2. Affiliate programs vetted and hot product listings updated continuously so members always stay on top of what is selling
3. Turn-key websites to get newbies started immediately, and other website templates available to customize to members' own needs
4. An easy to use website builder... no charge!
5. Free hosting - successful internet marketers never have to pay for hosting again (huge savings!)

The only thing Wealthy Affiliate doesn't provide is the domains. I figure just about anybody can come up with a cool domain name though, given just about everyone has made at one time a dot-com joke of one sort or another. Given that is literally the only thing a newbie to internet marketing has to bring from outside Wealthy Affiliate in order to be successful - chances are just about anyone could do internet marketing. The rest of the needed materials is either free with a subscription of $40/month (or $360/yr - 25% savings) and ready to go or easily customizable to whatever program or product a member chooses to promote. I think that's fair to say it would be hard to find a wealthy affiliate comparison for less than several thousand dollars.

There is no Wealthy Affiliate comparison when it comes to membership. People are joining every day in order to take advantage of the massive knowledge base that WA members have built up. Why would so many join and then stay on - even long after they've achieved marketing success? It's because the program continues to work for them. Those who've achieved success through WA know there is no wealthy affiliate comparison. That is why so many people stay with wealthy affiliate.

People who come to Wealthy Affiliate succeed. The program is built in such a way that it teaches even inexperienced people how to successfully promote any product they can think up - and then gives its members every last tool they need to make money. Members can even learn to promote their own products if they've created some - which is a huge opportunity for inventors trying to learn how to market their fancy new product.

Last thing I think I should mention is that the support of founders Kyle and Carson and the other members of WA is beyond compare. Every day there are new ideas, new information, new tips, and new members. It's a truly amazing community of people.

I have completed my review of the Wealthy affiliate and I believe there is no Wealthy Affiliate comparison. Successful folks have found that there is only Wealthy Affiliate.

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