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Trading Signals Gadget Launched on iGoogle
Submitted By: Web Publicity Date: June 26, 2012, 06:18:13 AM Views: 2214
Summary: Onefineham.com announces launch of its first iGoogle(tm) gadget at www.tradingsignalsgadget.com

In order to demonstrate our programming capabilities at onefineham.com, we have created a unique trading signals gadget designed to educate and amuse day traders globally. The gadget, developed on the iGoogle(tm) platform, consisted of a simple gauge which measures and outputs global trading sentiment based on a proprietary financial model.

Who Is the Gadget Meant for?
The new Trading Signals Gadget is designed for day trading and stock market enthusiasts alike. While although the gadget should not be used to make trading decisions, it certainly can add to the sense of drama and excitement that enthusiasts experience when following global financial markets. Traders will have fun watching the gadget and testing its conclusions against their own models. Market watchers can use it to see at a glance what global trading sentiment is at any given moment.

What the Trading Signals Gadget Does
The Trading Signals Gadget looks at global financial markets and assesses on a minute-by-minute basis the conditions of the market and outputs a score on a scale ranging from minus 105 points to plus 105 points. Each minute the model looks at the global market, computes a score, and outputs it to the gadget - which is then automatically output to the gauge available either at the tradingsignalsgadget.com homepage or the individual user's iGoogle gadget on their own iGoogle page. The gadget and site each update every thirty seconds, reducing latency to between 0-90 seconds depending on the availability of third party services, synchronization of the model and gadget. Onefineham.com can not guarantee the accuracy of results nor of latency given the reliance on third party systems during multiple steps of the process. On the other hand, the services are pretty reliable and to date have not resulted in any noticeable downtime.

How Can Users Get the Free Tool
Users can add the free tool to their iGoogle homepage, or can simply visit the home page of the site www.tradingsignalsgadget.com to review it before adding to iGoogle.

Google(tm), iGoogle, and Google Gadgets software are all trademarks of Google, Inc.

Official Press Release:Risk On Risk Off Trading Signals a First for Onefineham.com

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August 10, 2012, 08:23:56 AM
We have also completed an Android App Trading Signals version - free via the link.

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