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If you've been looking for a great way to learn guitar, you've come to the right place!  We have a large selection of guitar tablature of your favorite songs and artists, all ready for download to your PC.  Once you download your tablature, use your free copies of the Guitar Guru and Musicnotes Player to both see the tablature AND hear the notes played right on your computer.  Now you can hear a song on the radio, download the Guitar Guru "Session" for that song and be practicing like a professional in minutes!  Don't make Guitar Guru your last resort - make it your first and only choice for the best song guitar tabs on the web. Buy a couple of classic rock guitar tabs tablature today and start playing like your favorite guitarists.  You'll learn from solo guitar tabs from the best program you can buy for your computer.  Access the search list and find your favorite guitar tabs by the best guitar players.
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Welcome to Great Solo Guitar Tabs Search EngineSearch by Artist, Song Title, Keyword, Composer or Instrument for all your favorite music.

Be sure to check below to see if you have all the proper software installed (Don't Worry - It's FREE!)

Have fun, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, and if I may say so, this PC based Guitar Guru program is Excellent!

Before you do a search for your favorite songs or artist's sheet music be sure you have downloaded the following FREE digital music software files you will need to fully utilize the digital sheet music (select run or save then run later).  Don't forget the Coupon Codes below.

Again, these programs are FREE and will enable you to enjoy ALL the amazing features of our Digital Sheet Music and Guitar Tabs.

1.  Musicnotes Viewer and Player

2.  Guitar Guru

Sorry - these files are presently PC only... no Mac software is available at this time.
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