Earn $300 a Day Online – WebComp Analyst Product Review

WebComp Analyst - $67

WebComp Analyst - $67

I can’t tell you how sad I am that this product is no longer supported. Changes in the way search engines handle their data made this program no longer function and there was no way to revive it. I loved this little tool – it got me my first keyword, and my best keywords overall. I’ll miss this little guy. R.I.P. WCA, I’ll miss ya.

WebComp Analyst – $67 – This piece of software is the single most efficient product on the market.  When you type in a keyword to begin research or you type in a keyword that you’re already trying to compete in WebComp Analyst does not pull any punches when it returns results.  It shows which websites are the top 10 organic websites and how many backlinks and site links there are to and within that site.  This piece of software alone will quickly tell you whether you are currently competitive for a specific search term and or what it will take for your website to be competitive.  If you suddenly see traffic to your site drop, thisis the tool you reach for to see who is beating you to the punch.  It also has a handy tool which suggests alternative keywords which may have less competition for you.  WebComp Analyst is a HUGE time saver and and invaluable trouble shooting tool.

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