Easiest Way to Make Money Online – Sets Up in an Hour

If you’ve ever wondered about what is the easiest way to make money online or have dreamed about having your own full-flung internet business it has never been easier.  I had the good fortune to find an extremely simple to set up internet business that will be providing me with residual income for years to come.  Now to be totally fair their are other simple ways to make money online but they almost universally involve raiding your garage or attic for things to sell on eBay, and none of those provide passive residual (recurring) income.  When I talk about the easiest way to make money online I’m talking about a full fledged, honest to god start to finish internet business with ME at the controls. When I talk about full-fledged I mean an internet business where I

  • Own my own domain name
  • Host my domain name on a live server
  • Make money on the domain with real viable business(es) services

My present website is just such a full-fledged internet business.  Have a look at www.find-missing-peoplesite.com.  It is a viable, complete internet business / web service that is providing me with passive income while I work on creating new streams of income.  It took all of about an hour to set up and has required no maintenance since day one – and I did not have to know much about the internet to get it going.

Getting the program setup involves clicking on the affiliates link, filling out a few online forms, naming the business, and so on.  You can read more about the process at my easiest way to make money online article. 

This has been a fun and easy business to start and learn and I am excited about its long term potential.


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