Tablature Guitar Songs on PC – Learn to Play Guitar with Your Computer

Tablature Guitar Songs on Computer – a new way to learn how to learn to play guitar.  I’ve recently been exposed to a new way to learn how to play the guitar.  The method involves using a piece of software on the computer to visually display the fretboard and appropriate fingering.  As the notes play through the speakers on the computer the correct fingering and string picking or strumming is displayed visually as a fretboard and color coded finger circles.  The program is hands-free using voice commands to activate the program and also change how the program operates.  Available commands include “play slower” and “play faster” to vary playing speed as the student’s playing ability increases. 

Better still about this program is that it teaches how to play contemporary songs on the guitar, making motivation to learn less of an issue.  Students learn favorite songs on guitar right on screen and get the opportunity and motivation to practice proper fingering and technique at whatever speed matches their present playing ability.

Presently 1400 contemporary songs have been setup as “sessions” available for download with more being added every day.  These lessons represent a tremendous leap forward in students ability to use multiple senses to improve both learning speed and thoroughness of mastery.  Combined with a complete DVD lesson set on proper technique and music theory anyone wish to learn how to play the guitar will advance quickly.

Click the links for video demonstrations of the computer tablature guitar songs or the complete DVD guitar technique set.


  1. #1 by patch94 at March 9th, 2009

    Short answer = “Yup.” Slightly longer answer = Do a Search for Bass Guitar Guru Sessions. It’s a little tricky, but if you hover over the guitar guru sessions link Guitar Guru Imageand choose to “limit results by this result type” you’ll see just the guitar guru sessions. Then check the list for “bass guitar tabs”. Those are the bass guitar guru sessions.

  2. #2 by Cousin S at March 8th, 2009

    Do they have one for Bass Guitar?

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