Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Mastering Chords

So the first lesson in the guitar lessons for beginners series covers your first chords.  A chord is technically defined as a three tone (note) harmony – whether you play it on a guitar, a piano, or sing it acapella with some friends.  Our mastering chords lesson covers two barre chords – first a major barre chord, then a minor barre chord.  With just these two chords mastered you will be able to play about 90% of the songs you hear on the radio today, when you learn to train your ear to hear well enough.  Electric guitar chords begin your journey into a larger world.

It should be plainly obvious why the major and minor chords were chosen for this lesson, as they are prevalent in just about every piece of music you’ll ever hear.  Subsequent lessons build on this lesson, where we next take the major chord and play it in three spots on the neck to create a progression, then learn about scales and how to play them over the progression you’ve learned.  You can find links to all the other lessons here, and also see video sample demonstrations of the complete DVD guitar lessons for beginners series.

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