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Internet Marketing has been a big part of making my life better. Start your own journey today at
I learned how to make websites for free from the master of the start from zero budget websites. Although the internet marketing landscape has changed, my mentor’s method has actually stood the test of time. It takes about all of 15 minutes to build a website and is not only completely free, but will also start earning money (smally bits at a time through revenue share) right from the very first visitor.


If you have a great idea and want to get going fast but don’t have a lot of time or money and know at least a *little* html, fill out the form below and I’ll help you get started by sending you a signup email for your first free website. If you want more information on how to make websites for free (including basic html help), please be sure to check the little checkbox in the form to say “Yes,” and you’ll receive all the information you’ll need on how to make websites for free starting today.

How Making Websites for Free Got Me Started

Knowing how to make websites for free this way helped me get started by having so many free analytics already installed for me. I was able to see traffic stats right away, including which methods people were using to find my pages. Even better was I was able to see which keywords people were searching to find my page. I could see where my success was coming from so I knew where to focus my attention to get even more traffic! Don’t know what keywords are? Don’t know how to do research? Don’t worry! We’ll help you get started and on your way.

OH! Before I forget! In order to receive your earnings from this method, you will need a paypal account. Paypal is how the vast majority of online earnings are paid, so you need to get that squared away first. It only takes a few minutes of your time and either a checking account or credit card (you’ll need the checking account to move your earnings to – ygou can get one here if you don’t have one).

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