3M Tilton Teams Up with Genesis Behavioral Health to Prevent Abuse

Susan Laflamme, Barry Livingstone, and Eileen Russilillo of 3M Tilton present a grant award to Genesis Behavioral Health Executive Director Maggie Pritchard (third from left) outside Genesis' Church Street offices.

Laconia NH-

3M Tilton has awarded a grant to Genesis Behavioral Health as a leading provider of mental health treatment in the Lakes Region. Genesis provides treatment to both sexual abusers and victims of sexual abuse in Belknap and southern Grafton counties. The grant from 3M will go toward staff training for child and family clinicians working with these populations.

“This grant from 3M comes at an important time for Genesis, as budget cuts had impacted our ability to fund the kinds of training we need to service our patients,” said Maggie Pritchard, Executive Director at Genesis. According to Public Relations & Communications Manager Kristen Welch, Genesis Behavioral Health saw over 3000 patients in a broad range of categories last year – with about an even split between severe mental issues, short term problems, and children.

Catching mental health issues early is critical to preventing bigger problems later on. According to Pritchard, “We see many times in our long term care patients that there were earlier signs of trouble – which if dealt with at the time with short term care likely would have prevented the long-term health issue. Identifying the need for and getting treatment after a trauma event makes a big difference in the long term health of patients.”

People seeking help or looking for more information can contact Genesis Behavioral Health at 603-524-1100.

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