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Free Video Slideshow Software Review Android

​There are a number of free video slideshow software solutions on the market, and particularly for the android platform. I have had the challenge of using a number of them in an effort to create a slideshow video presentation. I can also say that while although I was ultimately successful in creating my movie from a slide presentation the effort and time required was more than I expected. It made me question the utility of using my tablet to make video slideshows when an original voice component was required.

Another important point to make is that while free mobile video editor apps were fine for making movies from slideshows combined with existing formatted stock audio mp3 files, premium (paid) software was required for combining multiple original audio files in a movie editor.

Here is a list of some of the apps I tried, followed by the combination of apps I ultimately needed to complete my project.

  • Video Show
  • Video Maker
  • Video Maker Pro Free
  • KlipMix Free Video Maker
  • VideoFX Music Video Maker
  • Video Maker Movie Editor
  • Movie Studio (Android preloaded)

… At this point if you’re getting the idea that I installed and tried literally every free movie making app in the Google Play marketplace, I would say you’re pretty close to the mark. Ultimately none of them were fully capable of doing all I was asking the software to do. In the end I was able to create a slideshow and convert it into a movie by splicing several audio files together in a timeline, publish the video and upload it to YouTube. The audio was not that great (see the video here).

In the end, I find it much easier to use my desktop PC to turn PowerPoint into video. If you are in fact determined to turn slideshows into videos on your android device then this combination of apps will get the job done:

  1. Google Slides (presentation slides maker)
  2. Android Sound Recorder (audio files)
  3. Android Gallery (crop photos of slides to size)
  4. File Manager HD (rename files for convenience)
  5. Media Converter (convert sound files)

and finally, the Pro version (pay) of MovieAid, which cost less than $10. Given the laundry list of software needed to splice audio and slides together… I seriously recommend staying with the desktop video slideshow solution instead.

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Website Startup Costs Nothing If You Know Where to Start

Free Website Startup and Training

Can You Reach the World with Your Website Idea for Free?

​Many people who have seen the money being made online have wondered what website startup costs would be. The honest-to-God truth is that there are no startup costs if you know where to start.

Misconceptions Deceive Would-Be Entrepreneurs

There are many misconceptions about owning or beginning an online business in 2014. The first and foremost of these deceptions is that there must be some sort of cost associated with “getting a website up.” The truth is there are literally hundreds of places to start a website without any costs whatsoever. With an internet connection and as little as a smartphone or tablet you could be working on the web.

No smartphone or tablet? No problem! If your local library has computers and an internet connection you have all you need – and you don’t have to pay a dime.

What About the Costs of Starting a Business Online?

Again, the beauty of beginning a business on the web is that nearly any (non-adult) business can be started on the web with a minimally functional computing device and an internet connection. No special tools, equipment, or even special skills are necessary (tho’ some or all of these 10 internet skills very likely will come in handy). Obviously an existing brick and mortar company wishing to extend their brand online would likely end up spending some cash up front to secure a domain and hire someone to make a professional site – but the average Joe out there looking to try out a bunch of different ideas doesn’t need to spend that kind of money – there’s just no reason for it.

Don’t I Need at Least Some Training Start a Website?

The short answer is yes, you do. But do you need to spend even one dime to get the training you need to get a website up and have an actual business online? Nope! While there are literally hundreds of different training books and manuals about putting a business up on the web, anyone reading this text could literally click this link and have a website of their own up and ready to begin working on in 30 minutes. Better still, following the link above (or see comparison chart below), starting a website here gives you the exact (free) training you need to make a real, unique, business which will allow you to add value to your future customers and (as a result) produce profits for yourself.

Comparing Web Business Training Courses

Consider the chart below, where we compare two of my absolute favorite online business courses – Free Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 versus Premium WordPress Goldmine. Both courses teach slightly different techniques, and both offer excellent long-term value to students. But – just look at the difference in what you get between the two systems: you get vastly more value from the free course than you do from the premium one! Odd but true – that’s just the way it is. Come meet me inside and we’ll start your new website together for free.

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Free Wealthy Affiliate Course and Black Friday Special Trial

Black Friday Shoppers Will Flock to Stores... Will Your Site Be Up by Cyber Monday?

It’s nearly the holidays and I am thankful to be able to offer a comprehensive free internet marketing course from the makers of Wealthy Affiliate. What’s even better is that over and above the free web marketing course I also have the special privilege of being able to make a special offer on Black Friday to people who sign up for the free course.

Get Started Today Learning the Basics and Be Prepared to Blast Off on Black Friday

The free internet marketing course I offer teaches the basic web marketing skills needed to make money online. This isn’t a bunch of complicated programming technical mumbo-jumbo or some other scheme – it basic, honest, fun work which returns basic, honest, fun(!) income. The problem with learning how to make money online today is that there really is so much opportunity and information out there it is virtually impossible to know where to start. That is where the special offer comes in handy. On Black Friday you’ll have the opportunity to step inside to the world I live in and avail yourself to the full wealth of information I (and 14,000 – and counting – other members) have been accumulating over the last 6 years. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for two years now myself, and I owe the vast majority of my online income to the lessons I learned right there.

Success in Making Money Online Comes with a Price

There is a price to pay in order to start making money online – and that is paid both in terms of hard study and sweat equity. The blessing of that effort however, is the opportunity to create numerous new income streams that don’t require you to rely on the good-will of a boss or a company that sees you as a cost-center to be held in check. If you sign up for the free internet marketing course today you will receive a special invite on Black Friday that will get you INSIDE Wealthy Affiliate for a full month for just $1.00 – but DON’T DAWDLE WHEN YOU GET THAT INVITE! The special offer is valid from Black Friday 11/25 Thru Cyber Monday – after that – you’ll have to wait until next year… or maybe never if they don’t offer it again.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

It can seem like an awful amount of personal commitment to spend a whole dollar on a membership website that usually costs $47/month, but here are a few reasons I’m still a member after 2 solid years of learning (and EARNING!) online.

Just *some* of the reasons Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate has made a difference for me

Sign Up for the Free Internet Marketing Course Now to Get in on the Special Offer Today!

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Announcing Web Marketing Services for the Lakes Region

Plymouth NH-

Local internet marketing services are now available in the Lakes Region thanks to the opening of Onefineham Internet Marketing aims to provide web marketing solutions to small businesses in the Lakes Region of NH.

The Economic Slowdown Does Not Have to Slow Your Business Down

“I look around and see many of my friends’ businesses struggling with the economic slowdown, yet I firmly believe there continues to be opportunities for growth,” says Barry Livingstone, founder of “Listen, in a down economy obviously businesses contract, and some fold up entirely. When a competitor folds up due to business pressures, that’s easy opportunity for the survivors to pick up new business.”

Supply Chain Disruptions Have Left Many Businesses Looking for Answers

Onefineham Internet Marketing aims to help those surviving businesses by getting them new customers either search for new solutions or who have had their tried-and-true business partners uprooted. Barry continues, “Hey, we’ve all seen it. I can’t think of a single business in the area that hasn’t had their supply chain impacted by vendor or distributor changes. Guess what? Your FUTURE CUSTOMERS are fighting supply chain disruption too.”

These Days People Look Locally for Solutions on the Web

What does Barry suggest? Get social. Get internet. Get moving. “The ways and means of reaching customers has changed dramatically. Traditional old-school advertising methods have not kept up with the times and are raising rates at a time when their effectiveness is at its lowest. Radio? Newspapers? Magazines? True they still reach people, but does anyone actually look at the phone book anymore? We can provide better cost of customer acquisition solutions on the web because our costs are lower and our content has a legacy impact – meaning that once you put your shingle up with us, its information remains available to new customers searching for solutions long after your initial publicity push. Long term the web is the better alternative – because that’s where the people are LOOKING for ANSWERS.”

Let Help Write Your Internet Marketing Success Story

Helping Your Customers Find Solutions’s number one mission is to help your customers find your business on the web when they go looking for answers. Beyond that first, and most important basic capability, Onefineham Internet Marketing offers additional services to help give your customers the kind of personal, high quality service they expect. This may include a website design, or logos and graphics, or secure payment processing solutions. “With gas prices the way they are today, people would much rather shop local. Let’s work together and help them find answers at YOUR business today.”

About the Author:
Barry Livingstone of is the author of The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

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How to Make a Facebook Like Page

Onefineham's Wealthy Affiliate Experience
Internet Marketing has been a big part of making my life better. Start your own journey today at
A lot of people are trying to make a Facebook like page with some difficulty. It is not that difficult to make a Facebook like page and once you do you’ll find a number of things you can do with it to increase your traffic to it.

Make a Facebook Like Page Step 1: Create an Account
As stupid as this sounds, if you don’t have an account on Facebook, you’re going to have difficulty making a page. Choose a username for your account that is in some way shape or form related to the line of business, brand, or item you are trying to promote. Choose a password that is difficult for others to guess but easy for you to remember. Once you have your account created, you’ll need to click the verification link in the email that Facebook sends to you. Be sure to look in your spam folder, as many times you’ll find the verification email has landed there.

Step 2: Create Your Like Page
Click on your Facebook / Home link. Along the left side of your home page on Facebook you should see an option or link called “Pages.” If you see it, click it and follow the steps to make a Facebook like page. If you do not see it, simply scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page and click the Help button on the bottom right of the screen. Once at the Help topics, click on Pages for Business (under Facebook apps and features) and follow the help guide to create your first page.

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What to Do Once You Make a Facebook Like Page
Once you’ve gone through the hassle of putting together you first page you haven’t a clue what to do with it. The trouble is, once you’ve made your page and got all the bells and whistles setup, then what? How do you bring people to your new gem? What content do you put on it? How do you get people to interact with your new site?

Honestly the truth is that there are tons of ways to increase traffic to your page, but before you start sending out loads of invites to friends to come visit your new effort – it is a good idea to invite a few trusted friends to visit you page and solicit their suggestions. Listen carefully to what they have to say and add features they suggest. Then you’re ready to start trying to attract new visitors to your page.

Learn How to Link Facebook to Twitter
Free Marketing eBooks Download
How to Setup a Facebook Business Page

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