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Free Video Slideshow Software Review Android

​There are a number of free video slideshow software solutions on the market, and particularly for the android platform. I have had the challenge of using a number of them in an effort to create a slideshow video presentation. I can also say that while although I was ultimately successful in creating my movie from a slide presentation the effort and time required was more than I expected. It made me question the utility of using my tablet to make video slideshows when an original voice component was required.

Another important point to make is that while free mobile video editor apps were fine for making movies from slideshows combined with existing formatted stock audio mp3 files, premium (paid) software was required for combining multiple original audio files in a movie editor.

Here is a list of some of the apps I tried, followed by the combination of apps I ultimately needed to complete my project.

  • Video Show
  • Video Maker
  • Video Maker Pro Free
  • KlipMix Free Video Maker
  • VideoFX Music Video Maker
  • Video Maker Movie Editor
  • Movie Studio (Android preloaded)

… At this point if you’re getting the idea that I installed and tried literally every free movie making app in the Google Play marketplace, I would say you’re pretty close to the mark. Ultimately none of them were fully capable of doing all I was asking the software to do. In the end I was able to create a slideshow and convert it into a movie by splicing several audio files together in a timeline, publish the video and upload it to YouTube. The audio was not that great (see the video here).

In the end, I find it much easier to use my desktop PC to turn PowerPoint into video. If you are in fact determined to turn slideshows into videos on your android device then this combination of apps will get the job done:

  1. Google Slides (presentation slides maker)
  2. Android Sound Recorder (audio files)
  3. Android Gallery (crop photos of slides to size)
  4. File Manager HD (rename files for convenience)
  5. Media Converter (convert sound files)

and finally, the Pro version (pay) of MovieAid, which cost less than $10. Given the laundry list of software needed to splice audio and slides together… I seriously recommend staying with the desktop video slideshow solution instead.

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How to Make Websites for Free

Onefineham's Wealthy Affiliate Experience
Internet Marketing has been a big part of making my life better. Start your own journey today at
I learned how to make websites for free from the master of the start from zero budget websites. Although the internet marketing landscape has changed, my mentor’s method has actually stood the test of time. It takes about all of 15 minutes to build a website and is not only completely free, but will also start earning money (smally bits at a time through revenue share) right from the very first visitor.


If you have a great idea and want to get going fast but don’t have a lot of time or money and know at least a *little* html, fill out the form below and I’ll help you get started by sending you a signup email for your first free website. If you want more information on how to make websites for free (including basic html help), please be sure to check the little checkbox in the form to say “Yes,” and you’ll receive all the information you’ll need on how to make websites for free starting today.

How Making Websites for Free Got Me Started

Knowing how to make websites for free this way helped me get started by having so many free analytics already installed for me. I was able to see traffic stats right away, including which methods people were using to find my pages. Even better was I was able to see which keywords people were searching to find my page. I could see where my success was coming from so I knew where to focus my attention to get even more traffic! Don’t know what keywords are? Don’t know how to do research? Don’t worry! We’ll help you get started and on your way.

OH! Before I forget! In order to receive your earnings from this method, you will need a paypal account. Paypal is how the vast majority of online earnings are paid, so you need to get that squared away first. It only takes a few minutes of your time and either a checking account or credit card (you’ll need the checking account to move your earnings to – ygou can get one here if you don’t have one).

Don’t forget to signup and click Yes below if you need additional help getting started!


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Yes, I'd like to sign up for the no cost websites to start earning money online. Please send me the information to the email address I have used in this form.

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Pagerank How to Guides – Search Engine Results Domination

Pagerank how to guides are a dime a dozen on the web, and I don’t intend for one minute to waste your time telling you about some ebook I’ve written on the topic.  Waste-of-time.  What I will do on the other hand is tell you that I am doing well in my efforts to dominate search engine results for targeted keywords and I am willing to tell you exactly which tools I am using to do it.

If you are anything like me you’ve spent a considerable amount of time working for other people who neither appreciate you nor fully compensate you for your contributions.  As a result you’ve taken up internet marketing as a way to replace or enhance your income so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.  If you’re coming to this page then you’ve either tried article marketing and are looking for guidance, or you’ve tried PPC advertising and gotten your wallet emptied and you’re looking for a new direction.  In either case, you’re in the right place.

I have had a great deal of success following the Deming method (Plan-Do-Check-Act) of continuous improvement in developing strategies to dominate search engine results.  In the posts and articles below you will see each and every piece of software I use and a description of why I find it useful.  I do have to say the three most powerful tools are WordPress Goldmine and One Week Marketing (the Plan phase), SENuke (the Do phase), and WebComp Analyst (the Check phase). 

In fairness I should disclose that One Week Marketing is one of the Pagerank How to Guides online.  Having said that, I’d have no clue how to do what I do without it and its author, PotPieGirl.

I should add that part of the PLAN phase is a TESTING phase.  I use USFreeAds (get the premium account – it’s well worth the $10/month – unlimited HTML ads) to throw schtuff on the wall quickly and see what sticks.

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Thank You PotPieGirl and Wealthy Affiliate

A quick few words about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am well on my way to making it as an internet marketer, and there are a couple of extremely important websites where I took HUGE and I mean HUGE leaps up the learning curve in terms of understanding just how powerful a tool the internet could be. 

First and foremost I must thank my incredibly giving friend and mentor, PotPieGirl.
Second but not to be forgotten is that I never EVER would have met Jennifer (PPG) were it not for having joined Wealthy Affiliate. 

When I started this new push into internet marketing I already knew how to register a domain name and get domain hosting for my account, put up web pages, etc.  But I didn’t know how to really drive traffic to my sites.  I did not understand google at all.  Now I do.

It is clear to me now more than ever that a year from now I will be completely successful as an Internet Marketer, and I have Jennifer and WA to thank. 

Thanks a million guys… I get it now.
Barry – onefineham

PS.  I should also mention WA member klrrider, who was among the first to help me find good resources and get me my way on WA quickly and inexpensively.

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SENuke Review – The 800lb Gorilla of Web 2.0 Promotion

The first time you use the program SENuke you realize to yourself – “OH-MY-GOD” Watching SENuke setup (read: BLAZE thru) your web 2.0 accounts and get all your accounts and passwords established is a jaw dropping experience.  This piece of Web 2.0 genius is akin to the first bridge between man and machine.  This program leverages time into the bleepin’ stratosphere!

Anyone who has tried article marketing knows just how time consuming writing quality articles can be.  Google optimization dictates that articles must be different from one another.  That means the pain-staking process of writing articles for back-links to improve Google score takes longer and longer.  What SENuke does is it radically reduces the time required to build multiple back-links to your optimized articles.  While it does take additional time to write your first article with SENuke, by the time you are finished you will have MULTIPLE unique articles for submission to whatever Web 2.0 sites you see fit to publish them on. 

This is one of the most complete automation programs I have EVER seen – and believe me I know, I’ve written a few myself.  The work of one person using SENuke is equivalent to 10 men working independently.  It is an astonishing accomplishment in work productivity.  Bravo to them!

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