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Cheap Wedding Dress | Plus Size

I took a moment to look for a cheap wedding dress in plus size for a friend of mine and found quite a good selection.  I figured I would share what I found with you.  Take a look at all these plus size wedding dresses – all under $200.  Please forgive the occasional odd item that doesn’t belong, as it’s a pain to work with this program and filter out all the stuff people put on here.

If you hadn’t noticed auction sites are a great place to find bargains, and I return again and again to search. I simply can not believe how many of these gowns go for less than $100! I guess it just goes to show that if you look in the right place you can find a terrific bargain and still look phenomenal at your wedding.

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I Read an Issue of Glamour Magazine

Ok so I read the Glamour Magazine Jan 2010 issue. What on Earth possessed me to do such a thing? Well, for one, I was stuck at the allergist’s office for 30 minutes… and I had read all the other magazines in the rack. I actually had a lot of fun reading it – certainly enough to share some of what was inside. Here’s what I found interesting.

Why I Can’t Make Myself a Believer in Sarah Jessica Parker

I have to admit I was pretty cynical about the contents going in (and there was plenty of stuff that I’m sure someone other than me found interesting – like the two Sarah Jessica Parker (producer/star of Sex in the City) pieces – why does she do absolutely nothing for me… I don’t know). I was also disappointed someone ripped out the pages with the article “50 things about your body parts you need to know about” (or something like that). After walking away from this post for awhile I thought about it further and decided Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t appeal to me because she is missing a ‘fatal flaw’ that would make her seem more human like the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong – I admire her greatly, I guess I’m just not a believer that anyone can be that good without screwing up big time somewhere. She was cute in Footloose.

Fun Stuff for Guys Too in Glamour Magazine

I did find myself fascinated by what the magazine editors (and presumably readers) found important. There was a mix of celebrity fashion dos and don’ts (I was big on the don’ts). I liked the celebrity fashion tips, including a series on various ways to make denim work for your Saturday night wear without looking like a hick. They had some good ideas. I really like how all the models looked good and confident. I think it’s really important for young people to feel confident, and having appearance tips and style ideas to imitate must be helpful.

Guys! Be Appreciative of Knock Out Facial Makeup Jobs!

Another thing that struck me is the amazing job the models and celebrities do with makeup. The difference a professional eye makeup job makes is really striking. Girls have it really tough when it comes to trying to imitate their favorite celebrities. Guys really ought to notice and appreciate it when their ladies do a knock out job on their makeup. I’ve had the misfortune of doing makeup for stage performances and I can tell you it’s a mystery to me how the pros make themselves look so good.

The Story of Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski is a co-anchor on MSNBC’s morning show with Joe Scarborough. She’s one of those super “gotta do it all and do it now” women that we used to read about all the time in the mid-1990s. Once you get into reading something like Mika’s story you get a much better appreciation about people (not just women) who push themselves to the limit. That is not to say that everyone has the same capacity (limits) in terms of how much they can do in a day or a lifetime, but what makes Mika’s story so familiar is the ultimate result when her stress limit was reached – resulting in a breakdown. I think alot of us can appreciate the stress in life she described, even if the circumstances were not always immediately familiar to us.

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Plus Size Dress Wear Reasonably Priced | Lrg Clothing Company

There is a lrg clothing company I promised to help increase their online presence and I would like to introduce them here. A number of people asked me to get a plus-sized dress-wear post up for those who have requested it. The prices are reasonable and all of the items are hand-picked by an associate of mine who has quite a knack for finding great bargains on these difficult to find or shop for items.

If you are not the kind of person that likes shopping or has a hard time finding plus size dress wear please take a look at her store on ebay. Many people have used her services and have come to really respect her eye for colors, shapes, and patterns.

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Cheap Formal Dresses Under 50

If you’re in the market for cheap formal dresses under 50 dollars, this – is – the – summer – 4 – u!

Wow… if you or a friend (or both) are getting married this year or have a lot of summer posh parties to go to… wow… this is the year to bust out the c-card and go nutso and fill your closet with formal dresses and gowns. It’s definitely that time of year again – I’m excited about seeing eveyone out and about in beautiful gowns and formal dresses like these:

And what about these? Think you’d fit nicely in a cheap plus size wedding dress like these? Are you kidding me? You’ll look dynamite and you won’t have to spend a fortune to look AH-MAZ-ING on your special day.

I hope this is the year for you to find happiness and get married, but if not, party like there’s no tomorrow and look and feel like a million bucks while ya do it! Go you girl!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here see our plus size dress personal shopper page. You may have more success there.

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Mirrored Contact Lenses Look Great in Blacklight

Vision Without Glasses
Mirrored contact lenses have been made all the rage by movies such as the Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black. Star Vin Diesel wore some exceptionally cool looking mirrored contact lenses in those movies and that established the rage that has become popular at many underground night clubs and black light parties.

What these lenses do is reflect light back against a special mirror coating painted on the backside (eyeside) of the lens.  Other special coatings added to the mirror coating make the lenses not only reflect light back, but also luminesce in black light.  The effects (and colors) can be quite spectacular (see examples here).

Are Mirrored Contact Lenses Safe?

Safety concerns are an issue, and these lenses (by their additional construction steps) are different significantly in terms of care, appearance, and performance than regular contact lenses.  There are some limitations on the manufacturer’s ability to make perscription lenses for example, although some perscriptions can be made.  You definitely do not want to be wearing these lenses while operating a motor vehicle, as by nature significant changes in the way light is hitting your eyes are made by the mirrors.  Other than that, the lenses are pretty much like regular contact lenses with a lifespan of about a year. 

More Information on Mirrored Contact Lenses

If you want to read more about mirrored contact lenses, click here.  To see some sample lenses other than mirrored contact lenses, visit the dealer’s own website here.  The bottom line?  These high fashion contact lenses look absolutely amazing, are comfortable for people used to wearing contact lenses, and are safe to use if properly cared for and simple directions and restrictions are followed.

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