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Investigating Someone – Cheap and Easy

It’s alarming to know how easy it is to investigate someone. All anyone needs to find out more than you want them to know about you is $10/year and their name. With just those two little things you can find out way too much information about anybody and everyone you care to investigate.

Many people in domestic “situations” come looking for various solutions as to how to find out this or that information about a person they want to investigate. I don’t really have a problem with that but it did get a little old telling this person to do it one way, and that person to do it another way so I took a few minutes to break down what I feel are the best and or most common needs of people in need of information about someone else.

There are three groups of people that typically are being investigated: either you are doing a credit check on someone (with consent), an executive background check (with consent), and employment background check (with consent), or a public records background check on someone (without consent). The first three (with consent) types of investigation are typically done on a “one-off” basis and while they aren’t all that expensive, they aren’t always cheap. The last type of background check is very inexpensive but doesn’t comply with federal financial investigation laws and rules. If you’re not bound by FCRA rules, the non-compliant background check is definitely the way to go.

Without further adieu, here’s a breakdown of the available compliant and non-compliant types of searches based on what you may needs may be. Each of these sites has further specific guidance on where your best bets are to find the types and kinds of information you are looking for on someone.

Non-consentual Personal Background Checks:
Investigate Someone
Investigate Person
Investigate Spouse
Investigate Husband
Investigate Wife
Investigate Boyfriend
Investigate Girlfriend
Criminal Background Checks

Consentual Employment Background Checks
Executive Background Check
Employee Background Check
Employment History Background Check

Consentual Credit Background Checks:
Renter Credit Check
Tenant Credit and Background Check
SSN Check
Criminal Background Check

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Locating Someone for Free – Free People Search

Locating someone for free has never been easier given the power of the internet and the availability of public databases to be linked together in powerful new ways.  Any of a number of the free search databases allows anyone with an interest in finding an old friend or colleague can perform a very simple search and get results from over 3 billion records.  It’s really quite remarkable.

I have been very pleased with my own ability to perform searches and find lost friends and business contacts.  It has been very important to me to re-establish connections long thought lost forever.  You can try locating someone for free here or see more instructions on how these powerful sites have been created.

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Find People by Maiden Name – Free Detailed People Search

If you do a search to find people by maiden name on the web you are very likely to catch up with the many women and or classmates with whom you have lost contact.  Married women still frequently practice the custom of adopting their husband’s family name, thus severing the main link a woman has with her past and family. Fortunately the internet has bridged that divide for those of us who wish to stay in contact with friends from our past.  Free detailed people searches now give us the ability to sift through billions of public records sources to identify and re-establish links to many people who have exited our lives.
I now know of many people with whom I had lost contact over the years thanks to places like social networking sites like myspace and facebook but also search sites like I have been very fortunate to catch up with many friends who had opted to ‘sever the link’ to their family name and thus disappear from simple phone directory searches like we used to do in the past.  We don’t have to settle for that anymore, as we have a public records searchable database which is free to use with a valid email address.  It is possible to search by numerous methods such as

In short, there really is now a place where anyone can go for free to renew contact with people from their past.  It is even easy to find  married women who have changed their names by using the Find People by Maiden Name search.  I hope you find someone today!

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