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How Does One Say Goodbye?

How does one say goodbye to a life-long companion, confidante, supporter, and lover? Even though I barely knew the person I am thinking of today, I am writing and thinking of my co-worker, who lost his wife last week. I can’t prevent the tears from forming when I think about how difficult it will be for him to carry on in a world that can be so cruel. I’m trying to avoid using names out of respect for the deceased and my co-worker, but it’s hard because these are people, true individuals who mattered to each other greatly in this world.

I suppose this recent passing is moving me so greatly because of the vast divide between how she saw my co-worker and how the rest of the world sees him. If you would ever ask her if she would leave him, she would always say, “God no! He’s a good man and someone would snap him up!” – to which some (IMO) lesser men would shake their heads in disbelief. I don’t think we’ll ever know exactly what she saw in him but what concerns me is whether he will continue to see those good things in himself now that she is gone. Who will be there to remind him every day that he is a good person and has done right by his family, his country, and his God? Who will be there to renew his faith when he is down after the employer he has loyally served for better than 30 years denies him advancement again?

There is so much that isn’t right what my co-worker has gone through in his working life, but she was always there to console him. She was always there to tell him that he was a good man worthy in her eyes and in the eyes of the Lord. Who will remind him of his good traits tomorrow or the next day or the next when (again IMO) a lesser man denigrates him at work – perhaps even with the temerity to do it to his face?

Each of us walks a path in life that at times can be hard. So much of the burden of what we go through in the hardest times is borne by the people who care about us. The greatest burden of all is borne by those closest to us. How does one say goodbye to the person who stood by you when you felt at your lowest? Saw you at your weakest? Loved you at your ugliest?

How does one say goodbye and shoulder those burdens after so many years of being helped by such a good, strong and honorable person? In God we trust. I hope for my friend and co-worker’s sake He is merciful and kind. He’s a good man and deserves it.

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3M Tilton Teams Up with Genesis Behavioral Health to Prevent Abuse

Susan Laflamme, Barry Livingstone, and Eileen Russilillo of 3M Tilton present a grant award to Genesis Behavioral Health Executive Director Maggie Pritchard (third from left) outside Genesis' Church Street offices.

Laconia NH-

3M Tilton has awarded a grant to Genesis Behavioral Health as a leading provider of mental health treatment in the Lakes Region. Genesis provides treatment to both sexual abusers and victims of sexual abuse in Belknap and southern Grafton counties. The grant from 3M will go toward staff training for child and family clinicians working with these populations.

“This grant from 3M comes at an important time for Genesis, as budget cuts had impacted our ability to fund the kinds of training we need to service our patients,” said Maggie Pritchard, Executive Director at Genesis. According to Public Relations & Communications Manager Kristen Welch, Genesis Behavioral Health saw over 3000 patients in a broad range of categories last year – with about an even split between severe mental issues, short term problems, and children.

Catching mental health issues early is critical to preventing bigger problems later on. According to Pritchard, “We see many times in our long term care patients that there were earlier signs of trouble – which if dealt with at the time with short term care likely would have prevented the long-term health issue. Identifying the need for and getting treatment after a trauma event makes a big difference in the long term health of patients.”

People seeking help or looking for more information can contact Genesis Behavioral Health at 603-524-1100.

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Are You Always Tired?

If you find you are always tired despite living a pretty much normal life you may need to more carefully examine your habits and lifestyle to determine whether or not your life energy is being drained away without you knowing it. There are many causes of fatigue (physical exertion being one of them), but if you are not the type of person who is busting their hump every day yet you still feel always tired maybe it’s time to ask yourself some questions.

Spend a few minutes thinking about what your daily life is like and what you would like it to be. Set realistic expectations for yourself. Now ask yourself: Do you have the energy you need to acheive your goals?

If the answer is no then you owe it to yourself to try to figure out why your energy level isn’t letting you live the lifestyle you want. Read a few testimonials and take a fatigue quiz.

There are a number of resources you might find helpful online to help you determine whether you might want to see a specialist dealing with long term fatigue symptoms.

Always So Tired – My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Always Tired – Aching Joints
Chronic Fatigue Remedy – Treatments to Fit Your Diagnosis

Chronic Fatigue Relief – How You Can Get Back on Top
Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What Are Your Symptoms?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Doctors – Treatment Center Location and Contact Info

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Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Be Sure and Get Treatment

Many people think they may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and yet fail to get treatment for it because either they do not go to a doctor specifically trained to diagnose this illness or their symptoms get dismissed as temporary discomfort due to viral infection or flu virus.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a debilitating illness that slowly drains the life force and vibrance from its victims.  Often mis-diagnosed as a viral infection or flu virus or stress or depression, sufferers tend to go long periods without treatment because the illness is so insidious.  Victims often feel “modestly ok” or “not too bad” on any given day but they certainly don’t ever feel full of life the way you and I do.  Many victims find themselves rationalizing their condition (“this is just the way I am” – itis I call it), thereby denying themselves the full joy and passion of life.

If you know someone who may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome visit our website and sign up for the newsletter.  The website and newsletter have facts and information which may assist you in your efforts to get friends or loved ones to seek the treatment they need.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Doctors May Be Able to Diagnose Your Illness

People are going more and more to see Chronic Fatigue Syndrome doctors because their specialty is understanding and discerning the differences between common illnesses such as routine viral infections and flu or real chronic long term illnesses.  General practitioners are typically used to seeing flu and viral infections day in and day out and may not pick up on the chronic nature of your symptoms and other subtle differences between CFS and common illness.

That is why specialists have opened centers where Chronic Fatigue Syndrome doctors can practice and train others to understand the symptoms and treatments for this long term, chronic debilitating illness (find a center near you).  Patients who long have suffered from unexplained fatigue, joint pain, and poor concentration are getting diagnosed and treated daily now thanks to these specialists.

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