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Lesson Five – Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Metal Guitar Scale

Lesson five in the guitar lessons for beginners series covers a complete minor scale, and asks you to record a new guitar chord progression in a minor key which you will use to play over.  This is the typical pattern for a metal guitar scale.  This lesson covers the fingering positions of the new minor scale but does not get heavily into the theory behind the scale or why it sounds the way it does, nor does it get into other similar scales of different playing styles such as country or blues.  Advanced topics like that are covered completely in the DVD series (preview it here).

The scale chosen in this case was in A minor to help the beginner guitarist who has read this lesson series from the beginning more easily add the notes in the new scale to the pentatonic minor scale taught earlier.  Likewise this lesson draws on the beginner minor chords taught in lesson one – beginner guitar chords (but not used since).

Lesson five is the last “technical” lesson in the guitar lessons for beginner series.  The two bonus lessons cover two important warm up and dexterity exercises that the beginner guitarist can use to improve technique and neck hand dexterity.  This first of the lead guitar exercises covers a single string speed technique – a left hand / right hand coordination exercise. 

The second bonus lesson in the series covers a couple (ok… one exercise played in two directions) guitar scale exercises that will help the beginner guitarist really improve their left hand dexterity over multiple strings – which is a huge handicap for most beginner guitarists.

I hope everyone reading these lessons has found them helpful in learning to play guitar, and I also hope that your appetite for knowledge about learning to play & master the guitar has been fully engaged.  There is much more in depth information available (particularly when it comes to licks and tricks for your leads and solos – as well as chord progressions) on the DVD series.  We’ve taught in this series basically one chord progression (played a couple of ways), two scales (a pentatonic and a full tonic scale), and two chords (major and minor in one fingering positon) but obviously there is much more to learn.  Hopefully you’ve learned enough about playing the guitar to be a little successful and take the next step toward doing something really meaningful with your instrument.  You can preview the complete DVD set here, or buy it directly here.  I also highly recommend the guitar setup and repair course for those of you with electric guitars (you can save buku bucks doing your own guitar maintenance).

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Lesson Four – Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Lead Guitar Notes (Beginner Guitar Theory)

Lesson four in the guitar lessons for beginners series dips your toe in the waters of music theory.  While you aren’t going to understand music the way Mozart did, by the end of this lesson you should have an idea of why things sound the way they do and be able to begin thinking about how you want to chart your own course in learning to play the guitar.  Do you want to learn more ‘rock-ish’ sounding playing styles or would you rather learn a more ‘country’ sound… or maybe blues is your thing.  The lead guitar notes you play determine the mood.  All the tools your need to learn any playing style are covered in the DVD series (previewed here).

What we’ve done with this lesson is we’ve asked you to take the recording you made in lesson two (beginner chord progressions), and play a simple solo over it using the pentatonic minor scale we taught you in lesson three (guitar note charts – scales).  We then instruct you to play the same solo in a specific different position on the neck and compare the sound of the two solos.  Which solo do you like better?  Depending on your answer you’ll be better prepared as to where to focus your energies when looking at the complete basic guitar lesson DVD series to develop your own style.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Lesson Three – Guitar Note Charts (Scales)

Lesson three in the guitar lessons for beginners series covers your first scale, the most simple guitar scale called the minor pentatonic scale.  The minor pentatonic is great to learn because it is very easy for most guitarists to play and is extremely adaptable to most any chord progression you’ll hear in a song or on the radio.  Guitar note charts organize notes into good sounding scales.

The scale covered in the lesson is A minor, which was chosen because of its relationship to the I-IV-V chord progression demonstrated in lesson two.  When you play the pentatonic (5 note) A minor scale over the I-IV-V progression A-D-E (major chords) you end up with a nice rock sounding chord progression with a kind of darker / edgier lead playing over it.  The other reason to choose the pentatonic minor scale is because of the simplicity and flexibility of the note pattern.  It’s easy to play yet many note combinations are possible and with some simple tricks, licks (note and trick combinations) and other tips (all available on the DVD lessons previewed here) it’s possible you may never need to learn anything else to play amazing sounding guitar.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Lesson Two Chord Progressions

Lesson two in the guitar lessons for beginners series covers chord progressions.  A chord progression is series of chords (which you learned in the mastering guitar chords for beginners lesson) played in succession (and typically is repeated).  There are a million potential chord progressions possible when you have a guitar or any other instrument at hand but we chose a simple, frequently used chord progression that you’re sure to have heard played in various forms on the radio or mp3 player.  Guitar chord riffs form the wall of sound in virtually every song.

We have chosen the I-IV-V chord progression for our lesson because it is used in practically every style of music you are likely to hear.  Sometimes you’ll see it played as a minor chord progression (which we demonstrate in the more advanced metal guitar scale lesson), most times as a major progression (country and rock tunes typically).  With this second step in the guitar lessons for beginners series we want you to be able to play this one chord progression very proficiently so that we can record it on tape, CD, or on your computer… then play it in the background while we learn scales and lead solos to play over it in the later lessons.  Like always, check out the guitar lessons for beginners DVD series previews.  The DVDs cover these topics much deeper but with the same philosophy.  Learn one thing, use it as a foundation for the next lesson.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Mastering Chords

So the first lesson in the guitar lessons for beginners series covers your first chords.  A chord is technically defined as a three tone (note) harmony – whether you play it on a guitar, a piano, or sing it acapella with some friends.  Our mastering chords lesson covers two barre chords – first a major barre chord, then a minor barre chord.  With just these two chords mastered you will be able to play about 90% of the songs you hear on the radio today, when you learn to train your ear to hear well enough.  Electric guitar chords begin your journey into a larger world.

It should be plainly obvious why the major and minor chords were chosen for this lesson, as they are prevalent in just about every piece of music you’ll ever hear.  Subsequent lessons build on this lesson, where we next take the major chord and play it in three spots on the neck to create a progression, then learn about scales and how to play them over the progression you’ve learned.  You can find links to all the other lessons here, and also see video sample demonstrations of the complete DVD guitar lessons for beginners series.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners Series Now Online

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Series
A buddy of mine and I have gone through the trouble of putting together a simple yet very power series of guitar lessons together on the web for you.  The information in these online web lessons is enough to take you from never having picked up a guitar to playing solos over your own self recordings in seven lessons and about 2 hours learning time (and maybe 20 hours of practice time to get enough dexterity and feel).  Online lead guitar lessons are a great and inexpensive way to dip your toe in the water.

If you already know a little bit about guitar, by the end of this series you’ll know more about the guitar and why things sound the way they do than most guitarists ever know.  Without further adieu, here are the lessons in all their glory.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Series:
Mastering Chords – Beginner Guitar Chords
Mastering Riffs – Simple Beginner Chords and Patterns
Guitar Note Chart – For Both Novice and Advanced Guitarists
Lead Guitar Notes Played in Two Positions
Metal Guitar Scale to Use with a Im-IV-Vm Chord Progression
Lead Guitar Exercises to Make You Blistering Fast and Accurate
Guitar Scale Exercises That Will Stretch Your Ability and Warm You Up Daily

You can also find more advanced and complete lessons on which this series has been based and additional free video demonstrations here.

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Free Guitar Guru Session | Free Metal Guitar Lessons Online

Well friends the down economy makes desperate times for desperate measures in some industries, and it would appear that the economic hard times have hit the music instructors too.

Intense competition has really made for some cool opportunities to ‘try before you buy’ any of the available guitar lessons online.  One example is the free guitar guru song this month.  Each month a new song is available free here from the makers of guitar guru, which if you haven’t read about it before, is just about the coolest guitar tablature program ever made for your PC.  You can see a demonstration at the guitar songs tablature story.

Another great free offer currently running is from my long time mentor, Doug Marks.  He is offering complete sample beginner lessons free online.  The lessons are taken from his complete basic course (which runs about $70 if memory serves).  I’m not sure how long Doug will run his free guitar lessons online but you can check them out free at the ‘Doug Marks’ link above.

Keep rockin’!

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Tablature Guitar Songs on PC – Learn to Play Guitar with Your Computer

Tablature Guitar Songs on Computer – a new way to learn how to learn to play guitar.  I’ve recently been exposed to a new way to learn how to play the guitar.  The method involves using a piece of software on the computer to visually display the fretboard and appropriate fingering.  As the notes play through the speakers on the computer the correct fingering and string picking or strumming is displayed visually as a fretboard and color coded finger circles.  The program is hands-free using voice commands to activate the program and also change how the program operates.  Available commands include “play slower” and “play faster” to vary playing speed as the student’s playing ability increases. 

Better still about this program is that it teaches how to play contemporary songs on the guitar, making motivation to learn less of an issue.  Students learn favorite songs on guitar right on screen and get the opportunity and motivation to practice proper fingering and technique at whatever speed matches their present playing ability.

Presently 1400 contemporary songs have been setup as “sessions” available for download with more being added every day.  These lessons represent a tremendous leap forward in students ability to use multiple senses to improve both learning speed and thoroughness of mastery.  Combined with a complete DVD lesson set on proper technique and music theory anyone wish to learn how to play the guitar will advance quickly.

Click the links for video demonstrations of the computer tablature guitar songs or the complete DVD guitar technique set.