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Find a Job in This Economy? Yes You Can!

It’s hard to find a job in this economy, true, but because the government has begun spending a significant amount of money to stimulate the economy jobs are opening up across the country. This is not the time to be pessimistic and negative about your job prospects – in fact this may be the best time ever to be in the job market. Why on earth would I say that? You may not believe this but there are numerous factors working in your favor right now even as we speak. Let me knock out a few for you:

  • Demographics – The aging population is over-represented among the employed
  • Lean Operations – Businesses have cut to the bone in this round of layoffs
  • Inflation – Yes inflation will be an important factor because you’ll earn at a higher starting wage than your predecessor

I’m not going to go into great detail about any of these particular topics but the long and short of it is that businesses had to cut drastically this past year, they cut all but the most senior employees. Those senior employees are at or near retirement age, and the people who get hired first in this coming expansion can expect to have a priority position within their companies for as long as they choose to stay around.

Keep your chin up, this coming decade could be very good for you.

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Best Future Jobs to 2016

The best future jobs for the next several years will continue to be registered nurses, post-secondary educators, computer software applications engineers, and management analysts – this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook of 2008-09.  The projected job growth for registered nurses is a staggering 587,000 new positions (projected growth from 2006 – 2016).  A distant second place was for post-secondary education teachers, creating an expected 382,000 new jobs.

Of all the top ten positions with the most net job growth for those positions considered to be above average pay there were none that didn’t require at least some post secondary education.  It then remains of critical importance for young people with a desire to get higher paying jobs to continue their education.   Even the construction worker jobs with above average pay all require additional education (heavy machine operation or truck driving).  The point is clear – higher earning jobs require higher education.  The best future jobs according to the BLS study demonstrate that very clearly.

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Top Future Jobs Remain in Health Care, Business, Tech

The top future jobs remain in health care, business, and technology, this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on criteria established in their Occupational Outlook for 2008-09, the top future jobs (jobs paying above average wages with above average growth rate in terms of number of positions) are registered nurses, computer software application engineers, and management analysts/accountants and executive secretaries.  Each of these fields requires at least some post secondary education – which does not bode well for those with only a high school diploma. 

Of those high growth jobs paying above average wages, only a select few jobs in the construction field required no post-secondary education.  Other hot future jobs – jobs with the highest growth rate (in percent terms) had some unique occupations, such as theatrical make-up artist.  These jobs don’t necessarily rank high in terms of overall positions created they are the fastest growing with good wages.

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