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Fast Times in Forex Trading and Binary Markets

So we’ve had a lot of movement in forex trading and binary option trading in the last week. The Dow Industrials Index settled over 9000 for the first time in months and the dollar remains relatively weak against the euro and Yen but holds fairly steady against the pound.

It looks like the 2009 recovery is well along the way as the markets reacted favorably to positive earnings results from a number of companies (although Microsoft took a pretty big hit on theirs). For my own part I continue to day trade. I know the long-term investors out there think it’s best to buy and hold but for heaven’s sake! We live in a short term world where short term results are vastly more preferably to long term results. I very much doubt anything will change until someone decides to radically alter the tax code against day trading again.

I mean even with the substantial tax penalty for day trading there still is a huge incentive to cash out your short term gains because the long-term downside risk is too large (mainly due to mismanagament and corporate malfeasance). Why Boards of Directors haven’t caught on to this is beyond me but frankly they’ve shown themselves to be in cahoots with executives who steal from shareholders so there isn’t any incentive for them to crack down on bad executives is there?

At any rate – the message is clear – keep day trading: don’t buy and hold.
Day Trade Binary Options Here
Day Trade Forex Here (with Software)

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Forex Binary Options Broker | Cheap to Start and Commission Free

Forex Binary Options Zero Commission Broker

I had trouble finding a forex binary options broker online, but now I can trade binary options on most of the major forex cross rates I want, whether it’s Dollar/Euro, or Yen/Dollar, or Dollar/Pound. I am very pleased with the informative articles at the trading binary options blog as well. (See a comparison of the leading retail binary options broker platforms)

Trade Binary Options on Any of the Following Forex Cross Rates

Here are the currently trading forex binary options at my broker:

Yen/Pound US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Yen/US Dollar Euro/US Dollar
Yen/Euro US Dollar/Pound
Australian Dollar/US Dollar US Dollar/Swiss Franc

Any of the above forex option cross rates can be currently traded commission free. US Traders take note that at present StockPair is the only broker able to offer forex binary options to US tradersread more in an online Stockpair review.

Other Binary Options Trading – Stocks, Indices, and Foreign Stocks

Other securities on which binary options are presently trading include securities and indices such as:

BMW Nasdaq Index
DAX Index Microsoft
Volkswagon General Electric
Siemens Google

These stocks plus several other well known, highly liquid securities are trading on the binary options exchange every day. Nearly all the binary options have both an hourly expiry binary option or an end of day expiry binary option.

Binary Options Trading is Cheap!

It’s cheap and easy to open a binary options trading account. Brokers charge no commissions on trades and it only takes a hundred bucks to open an account. Last I looked they were even offering a bonus of $100 on a $500 initial deposit. How cool is that when they give you a hundred bucks just for trading with them?

Find a Forex Binary Option Broker Today

Other Information Available About Binary Options Brokers:

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Binary Options Trading Tutorial
Free Options Trading for Beginners

Leading Binary Options Broker Reviews and Ratings:
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Why Not Use Currency Option Trading to Make Extra Money?

Currency option trading can be a great way to make extra money if you have some concept of how money flows throughout the world.  With a few well placed trades on a daily basis a good trader can net easily between $300 and $1000 a day because certain types of currency option trading turns over hourly… meaning a good trader can turn his capital over very rapidly on a daily basis.

I’ve had a lot of great success trading the US Dollar / Euro cross rate, but don’t let that limit where you trade.  Oh, and the million dollars of collateral you used to need to open a currency options trading account?  You can leave that at home because you can open a currency option trading acount with all of $100.00

I hope your investment returns are awesome this year, lord knows we need a serious bounce back after last year’s collapse.  Check out all the info you can on currency option trading because it’s becoming a great market for the educated little guy.

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Option Trading Tutorial – Binary Option Trading

So I ran into an option trading tutorial online the other day and thought I’d share it with you here.  This covers a relatively new field called binary option trading.  It’s a cheap way for smaller capital investors to make some big gains in a short period of time.  If you know what is stock options trading already, then this binary options trading primer comparing the similarities and differences between binary options trading and  standard options trading will get you up to speed quickly. 

Having said that, it is a great time in America to be getting into this market.  Because of the de-leveraging all the banks had to go through in the last several months, trillions of dollars of equities and currency options trading positions had to be unwound, particularly in the highly liquid stocks  in the binary option trading area.  Right now new brokers are aggressively going after new business

I suppose I should talk a little more about the option trading tutorial.  It goes into what sort of stocks are covered (virtually all are household names, plus the major US dollar/forex options trading of exchange rates), it talks about what sorts of positions you can take (basically call and put), and it also has an interesting options hedging strategy as well on one of the related links.

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Binary Options Trading – Exciting New Opportunity for Small Investors

Binary options trading is a relatively little known field in the world of investing however it affords individual investors short on capital the ability to get in on the action in the lucrative world of option trading.  It’s really quite cheap to get in on the action – all it takes is $100 to open an account.  Trades are made on the most highly liquid securities as well as the major US Dollar / forex option trading exhange rates.

That’s another issue altogether, currency option trading I mean.  That field used to require millions of dollars in collateral just to enter the game, now everyone is playing.  I’ve only been doing binary options trading for a short while now but it is totally exciting to be playing on the same field as the big names in currency options trading like George Soros and others.  These are very exciting times.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my binary options trading broker is offering a special $100 bonus for signing up for an account and depositing just $500.  See more details here.

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