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Free Guitar Guru Session | Free Metal Guitar Lessons Online

Well friends the down economy makes desperate times for desperate measures in some industries, and it would appear that the economic hard times have hit the music instructors too.

Intense competition has really made for some cool opportunities to ‘try before you buy’ any of the available guitar lessons online.  One example is the free guitar guru song this month.  Each month a new song is available free here from the makers of guitar guru, which if you haven’t read about it before, is just about the coolest guitar tablature program ever made for your PC.  You can see a demonstration at the guitar songs tablature story.

Another great free offer currently running is from my long time mentor, Doug Marks.  He is offering complete sample beginner lessons free online.  The lessons are taken from his complete basic course (which runs about $70 if memory serves).  I’m not sure how long Doug will run his free guitar lessons online but you can check them out free at the ‘Doug Marks’ link above.

Keep rockin’!

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