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My First $1000 Month: A Blog Post from Inside Wealthy Affiliate University

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate and I thought I might share a recent post I made in my space within WA. In these “spaces” WA members share their successes and struggles in internet marketing. I have had the pleasure of making a lot of tremendous friends there and have also learned from their amazing success.

My First $1000 Month

by Onefineham

It’s been a long road, and I certainly haven’t done it the easy way or the smart way but I did finally claw my way up to $1000 in a month so yes, it can be done people.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to be working the high paying affiliate programs that convert well.  I’m sure others are doing it better, but if you’re reading this and looking for a way to get going, visit the link above to take a look at 5 high paying programs that have worked out for me, even doing it the hard way.

As you can see from the quote, I have been succeeding at internet marketing… slowly but surely. As a result of my success and the success of others, WA has put together a special internet marketing course for it’s members to GIVE AWAY. That’s right, GIVE AWAY. FREE.

The 10-part free internet marketing course is available with a simple email sign-up. Within the course you will learn a simple FREE method to get content online without a website and start earning money with only 3 tools:

  • Your Brain
  • Your Fingers
  • A Computer with Internet Access

I hope each of you, as good friends of mine take advantage of this amazing free course and all the opportunities it offers.

As always my best to you,

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