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Free Wealthy Affiliate Course and Black Friday Special Trial

Black Friday Shoppers Will Flock to Stores... Will Your Site Be Up by Cyber Monday?

It’s nearly the holidays and I am thankful to be able to offer a comprehensive free internet marketing course from the makers of Wealthy Affiliate. What’s even better is that over and above the free web marketing course I also have the special privilege of being able to make a special offer on Black Friday to people who sign up for the free course.

Get Started Today Learning the Basics and Be Prepared to Blast Off on Black Friday

The free internet marketing course I offer teaches the basic web marketing skills needed to make money online. This isn’t a bunch of complicated programming technical mumbo-jumbo or some other scheme – it basic, honest, fun work which returns basic, honest, fun(!) income. The problem with learning how to make money online today is that there really is so much opportunity and information out there it is virtually impossible to know where to start. That is where the special offer comes in handy. On Black Friday you’ll have the opportunity to step inside to the world I live in and avail yourself to the full wealth of information I (and 14,000 – and counting – other members) have been accumulating over the last 6 years. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for two years now myself, and I owe the vast majority of my online income to the lessons I learned right there.

Success in Making Money Online Comes with a Price

There is a price to pay in order to start making money online – and that is paid both in terms of hard study and sweat equity. The blessing of that effort however, is the opportunity to create numerous new income streams that don’t require you to rely on the good-will of a boss or a company that sees you as a cost-center to be held in check. If you sign up for the free internet marketing course today you will receive a special invite on Black Friday that will get you INSIDE Wealthy Affiliate for a full month for just $1.00 – but DON’T DAWDLE WHEN YOU GET THAT INVITE! The special offer is valid from Black Friday 11/25 Thru Cyber Monday – after that – you’ll have to wait until next year… or maybe never if they don’t offer it again.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

It can seem like an awful amount of personal commitment to spend a whole dollar on a membership website that usually costs $47/month, but here are a few reasons I’m still a member after 2 solid years of learning (and EARNING!) online.

Just *some* of the reasons Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate has made a difference for me

Sign Up for the Free Internet Marketing Course Now to Get in on the Special Offer Today!

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How to Make Websites for Free

Onefineham's Wealthy Affiliate Experience
Internet Marketing has been a big part of making my life better. Start your own journey today at
I learned how to make websites for free from the master of the start from zero budget websites. Although the internet marketing landscape has changed, my mentor’s method has actually stood the test of time. It takes about all of 15 minutes to build a website and is not only completely free, but will also start earning money (smally bits at a time through revenue share) right from the very first visitor.


If you have a great idea and want to get going fast but don’t have a lot of time or money and know at least a *little* html, fill out the form below and I’ll help you get started by sending you a signup email for your first free website. If you want more information on how to make websites for free (including basic html help), please be sure to check the little checkbox in the form to say “Yes,” and you’ll receive all the information you’ll need on how to make websites for free starting today.

How Making Websites for Free Got Me Started

Knowing how to make websites for free this way helped me get started by having so many free analytics already installed for me. I was able to see traffic stats right away, including which methods people were using to find my pages. Even better was I was able to see which keywords people were searching to find my page. I could see where my success was coming from so I knew where to focus my attention to get even more traffic! Don’t know what keywords are? Don’t know how to do research? Don’t worry! We’ll help you get started and on your way.

OH! Before I forget! In order to receive your earnings from this method, you will need a paypal account. Paypal is how the vast majority of online earnings are paid, so you need to get that squared away first. It only takes a few minutes of your time and either a checking account or credit card (you’ll need the checking account to move your earnings to – ygou can get one here if you don’t have one).

Don’t forget to signup and click Yes below if you need additional help getting started!


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My First $1000 Month: A Blog Post from Inside Wealthy Affiliate University

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate and I thought I might share a recent post I made in my space within WA. In these “spaces” WA members share their successes and struggles in internet marketing. I have had the pleasure of making a lot of tremendous friends there and have also learned from their amazing success.

My First $1000 Month

by Onefineham

It’s been a long road, and I certainly haven’t done it the easy way or the smart way but I did finally claw my way up to $1000 in a month so yes, it can be done people.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to be working the high paying affiliate programs that convert well.  I’m sure others are doing it better, but if you’re reading this and looking for a way to get going, visit the link above to take a look at 5 high paying programs that have worked out for me, even doing it the hard way.

As you can see from the quote, I have been succeeding at internet marketing… slowly but surely. As a result of my success and the success of others, WA has put together a special internet marketing course for it’s members to GIVE AWAY. That’s right, GIVE AWAY. FREE.

The 10-part free internet marketing course is available with a simple email sign-up. Within the course you will learn a simple FREE method to get content online without a website and start earning money with only 3 tools:

  • Your Brain
  • Your Fingers
  • A Computer with Internet Access

I hope each of you, as good friends of mine take advantage of this amazing free course and all the opportunities it offers.

As always my best to you,

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Staying Motivated in Internet Marketing

Onefineham's Wealthy Affiliate Experience
Internet Marketing has been a big part of making my life better. Start your own journey today at
Staying motivated in internet marketing can be a challenge when you are just starting out or have been around for awhile only to have someone pull the rug out from under you. It isn’t the most pleasant experience in the world to have the rug yanked out from under you but you have to get used to it in life. To coin a phrase… “stuf happens.” The good people in life dust themselves off and keep going. The rest resign themselve to failure and lean on whatever crutch of blame gives them the most comfort. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

Staying Motivated Is Work

One of the least appreciated concepts in organizations today is that of motivation. People around the globe don’t always recognize that motivation is what keeps them working. Whether it’s a paycheck or perks or relationships the best motivators consistently find ways to keep their workers going. What happens to the person doing internet marketing on their own is they fail to keep their own motivational tank full. They don’t see a sale for days or weeks at a time. Maybe they had some income coming from one income stream but for whatever reason it dried up. Maybe Google killed their adwords account. Maybe an affiliate program stopped paying commissions. Maybe your vendor switched affiliate servicing programs.

The point is that whatever your success story is going to be in the future the road to that success will be paved in failures, and it is your job (read: work) to keep motivating yourself to continue building that road. Motivation is easy when things are going well. Bills are paid, opportunities present themselves, and life seems like an endless bounty of choices. People who have that advantage of success do have it easier than the person who is starting out or has experienced set-backs. RECOGNIZE IT. ACCEPT IT. OVERCOME IT.

Dealing with Loss

Did you realize that if you were not born into wealth then you are at a severe disadvantage in life and are fighting a battle with one arm tied behind your back? It’s the gospel truth, and it’s the first loss you have to deal with on your path to success. People are better than you. People have more resources than you. People have better opportunities and education than you.

Your very birth was your first loss if you were not born into wealth and to succeed in internet marketing or any other venture you must accept and understand your disadvantage and OVERCOME IT. Forgiving yourself for your own birth rank can be the first paving stone on your road to a better life. Play the hand life has dealt you and don’t blame yourself or anyone else when you lose – because life isn’t a fair fight and it never will be. I would even encourage you to grieve your loss as part of your acceptance of it and your starting point in the world… and hey, it could be worse, right? The smartest words ever told me (though I did not recognize how profound they were at the time) were spoken by my best friend in high school. Although those words were about weight-lifting, they apply much more broadly than he initially intented.

They were:

Don’t compare yourself to what others can do. (sic) Compete against yourself and try to improve.

It’s one of the simplest tricks people with advantage use in the book: belittle and denegrate others of lower advantage to destroy their motivation.

THIS YOU HAVE TO BE IMMUNE TO. Whether it’s about boyfriends, girlfriends, money, houses, jobs, cars, cell phones, WHATEVER!!!! You MUST be immune to the slings and arrows of the privileged few – because it is the easiest way to keep you where you are – by destroying your will to OVERCOME.

No, this post isn’t just about internet marketing and staying motivated. It’s about life. Internet marketing is but one path to take to achieving financial success. When you try to build a web business or ony other venture on your own, remember to be fair to yourself and remember to keep laying stones on your road and don’t let ANYONE stop you from being motivated to keep trying.


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The Thrill of the Chase of Internet Marketing

I love the challenge of internet marketing.  It isn’t that it is easy. It isn’t.  What makes internet marketing enjoyable is the never ending thrill of the chase – the anticipation of the next great discovery, you know?  Where else can you wake up in the morning, throw $10 bucks at an idea with the very real possibility that the $10 you just spent is going to be a winning lottery ticket every day for the next ten years?

I don’t know of too many occupations where each day brings infinite choice and limitless opportunity.  There are no guarantees of course (other than lots of work), but show me a job with a guarantee these days?

Internet Marketing Is an Insatiable Draw for Puzzle Lovers
Another great thrill from working online is the constant challenge of learning.  Learning about products.  Learning to write interesting articles, posts, and reviews.  Each day is filled with mental puzzles and opportunities to find solutions.  Finding solutions ultimately leads to success and rewards which YOU pocket and don’t have to share or hand over to anyone else.  Maybe I’m just wierd this way but I’ve done a lot of problem solving for a lot of years for a lot of people and I have very little to show for it.  Now I work for myself online, keeping what I make.  I haven’t quit the day job mind you, I still have a role to play solving problems and creating value and some consistent income and insurance.  There are definitely benefits to having a day job don’t get me wrong, but the little entrepreneur in me just can ever quit, ya know?

Work Life Balance Matters and Is Improving
I have to say today was a really terrific day in terms of a rewarding work/life balance.  I had a lot of chores to get done and yet I hammered away at them.  I spent an hour or so working on internet marketing, then an hour or so outside on a beautiful day doing yardwork and prepping the house for the winter.  Spent a little more time working on some website issues then went out for a short run.  Did a little more work on the internet (this post) while creating a new website based on a tiny amount of research and a moment of inspiration.  Whelp, it looks like the new blog is installed and ready for configuration.

The chase is on and I’ve bought a new $10 lottery ticket. Wish me luck!


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