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Try Wealthy Affiliate for a Dollar – No Strings

Hey just wanted to give a quick shout out to those antsy about trying internet marketing.  The guru program which I belong to is called Wealthy Affiliate and they are doing a $1 trial offer.  Do yourself a favor and check it out, it’s only a buck!  Here is another sample of the kind of products you get for being a member.  My success in internet marketing would not have been possible without WA.

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Tiered Affiliate Programs Put YOU at the Top of Your Own Pyramid

Tiered affiliate programs ROCK! I’ve found a nice new market to work in and have developed a new starter site that I’m happy to customize for anyone interested in jump starting their own internet marketing efforts. By building a simple page and exporting it to your new downline you not only increase the size of your own pyramid but you also give your new partner an instant leg up with multiple marketing programs which YOU are incented to help develop.

My promise to anyone who signs up for my programs is I will write begin an article marketing program for two of the affiliate programs of your choice, using your new affiliate links and promoting your new offers. This will have the effect of jumpstarting not only your earnings but also show you in a real and tangible way how to build up your own free internet marketing method campaigns.

You’ll see not only the articles and strategy used, but you’ll also have exposure to how the strategy was chosen, what tools and services were used, and your own similar tiered affiliate program page to send your prospects to. Sign up for the tiered affiliate program explosion today and get access to a special bonus affiliate program that is among the highest converting on the web!

Prior Post: Improving Google Page Rank How to Catch Google’s Eye

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Improving Google Page Rank – How to Catch Google’s Eye

The business of internet marketing is all about improving Google page rank. Knowing how to improve Google Page Rank is critically important to getting low cost (read: zero cost) organic search results advertising.  Inevitably this means hours of article writing, keyword researching, and tracking (hopefully positive) results.

I’ve already written a post on how to improve Google page rank covering which tools I use, but I’m sure more of you are wondering how the heck to actually *use* them in a coordinated strategy to both get Google to *like* your pages, and then how to *know* when Google has decided your pages are good for the keywords you target.  How do you *know* when you’ve done it right?  Here is a piece written about what the  search engine optimization tools do for me together.  In all fairness, I think far and away the most over-looked tool is WebComp Analyst. It can tell you what pages rank for your keywords, how many pages are competing, and the ‘Google strength’ (backlinks and PageRank) of each page.

For my money it all comes down to Edward Deming.  His Deming Method of Continuous Improvement is what made the Japanese manufacturing industry tops in the world (we had first dibs on Deming but fat-cat exectives told him to go pound sand… that’s why all the labels on entire segments of high tech goods these days are Japanese brands).  To paraphrase Deming’s Method, there are four phases: PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT

  • Plan – What are you going to do?  What opportunities are out there? Who are your competitors? What are your strengths and resources?  What are your weaknesses & needs?  Do you have the ability to gather (beg, borrow, buy) those resources you don’t have in a cost competitive manner?  How long will your resources last without success?
  • Do – Execute your plan. Select keywords and products. Write Articles and Ads. Make Web Pages. Setup statistics tracking, Google alerts and the like.
  • Check – Revisit your stats.  Are you getting the results you expected?  What other results are you getting?  Are you not getting results at all?  Why or why not? Analyze and understand ALL the data you have.
  • Act – Based on your results from the Check phase, what items need to be addressed?  Did you select bad keywords? Are there superior offerings (products, campaigns, articles, postings) to yours?  Return to the Plan phase and make new plans based on the results and analysis from the previous effort. 

America really screwed itself when it sent Deming to Japan to help them re-build their manufacturing industry, but you don’t have to let that get in the way of your Internet Marketing campaign. The Deming method, when you have the right competitive tools and knowledge for improving Google page rank can help you beat your competition and carve out your own niche.

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Leveraging Myself Through Article Writing and Working My Plan

So today I spent the morning using my favorite program, SENuke writing and publishing articles.  I’ve had quite a bit of success using that program to begin dominating targeted keywords.  I haven’t found the motherload yet however, but I am pleased with how I’ve come up the learning curve to really begin leveraging my time.  Every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week my articles and ads are working for me.  It doesn’t matter whether I am working, eating, sleeping, drinking or just screwing off – my programs, articles, and ads continue working for me.  I’m slowly turning myself into multiple copies of myself to exponentially improve my productivity.  Each day I get a little closer to my goal of freeing myself from the burden of income generation.  I really owe a giant debt of gratitude to Pot Pie Girl and her One Week Marketing program.  That has helped me organize and focus my efforts.  Those lessons, plus all the wonderful free giveaways and encouragement from her site really do make a daily difference in my optimism, my output, and my determination.  Hope you are getting fired up to work your plan the way I am working mine.

I also freed up some time to attend a barbershop festival for High School kids.  I was very proud to hear how well they performed.  Barbershop is a great avenue for learning to work as a team, gain self confidence and esteem, and truly enjoy music from a first person perspective.  Congrats to the Laconia, Winnisquam, Belmont, and Gilford kids who participated in the program.  Bravo!

To your success!
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