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Burlesque Night Live in Laconia Opens to Amused Audience

Burlesque Night Live Laconia NH

The rowdy cast of Burlesque Night Live poses under the lights at Pitman's Freight Room. The show opened Wednesday April 25th, 2012 (photo credit: Maureen Bieniarz-Pond)

Laconia NH – A lively audience was entertained by the zany antics of the cast of Burlesque Night Live – a new music, dance, and comedy production of local NH talent. A collaborative effort of two local performing arts companies, acts ranged from the sultry and seductive to the absurd. The audience had something to look at, listen to, and laugh about all night – and guests continued to chuckle even as they said goodnight after the performance.

Special Guest Performance by Steve Gonzalez

Joining the regular cast members was local baritone Steve Gonzalez – whose vocal performances of selections from Opera and Broadway were nothing short of stunning. Steve is originally from Laconia currently attending college in state.

Upcoming Show Wednesday May 2nd

Tickets are on sale at Pitman’s Freight Room for the upcoming show dates – Wedsnesdays 4/25 through 6/13 with no show scheduled for May 16th.

Burlesque Night Live is a collaborative show featuring the artists of the ARTSFEST Performing Arts Company, Tabula Rasa Theatre Company, and is produced by Pointless Forest Productions. (photo: Maureen Bieniarz-Pond)

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3M-Tilton Caps Off Remarkable Year of Charitable Giving with Pines Roof Project

The Pines Community Center Serves People of All Ages in the Tilton-Northfield Community

Northfield NH-

3M’s Tilton plant capped off a remarkable year of charitable giving with the completion of the Pines Community Roofing project. With a generous donation from the St. Paul parent organization, the Pines Community Center was finally able to initiate and complete their much needed roof replacement project. The Pines was but one of several grants awarded in the Lakes Region this year – as the local plant’s Community Affairs Team was highly successful in competing on behalf of local organizations for grant money.

There are several pools of funds to draw from each year as part of the global corporation’s charitable giving program. The individual plants have control over a very small amount of funds but larger pools of funds are up for grabs if you know where to look and can find community groups actively supporting charitable giving initiatives. Those initiatives include working with premier groups positively impacting climate change and biodiversity, fostering healthy youth development, encouraging youth participation in math and sciences, and encouraging the arts. In 2010 3M brought close to half a million dollars into the Northern New England region alone out of some $60 million in cash and product donations globally.

“On the local level it many times comes down to the level of commitment of the community supporting the efforts of the local 3M plant,” added Barry Livingstone, Tilton’s community affairs secretary. “In particular relative to the Pines grant, 3M’s corporate charitable giving team was moved by the two towns’ (Tilton and Northfield) voters – who insisted on keeping the Pines budget intact when it was in jeopardy last budget season. Community commitment matters at the corporate level,” he added. The $15,000 Pines grant represents the largest cash award to date secured by the Tilton plant for the community.

Outside the scope of the overall corporate giving, Tilton’s 3M employees also volunteered at several local organizations. Participation in volunteering activities is encouraged for 3M employees and the local plant participated in activities such as a trail cleanup, performing arts programs, and also held food drives for local food pantries and an animal shelter. “3M employees care a great deal about their community,” Livingstone added.

About The Pines Community Center:
The Tilton-Northfield Recreation Council, formed in 1954, was founded on and continues to be committed to the ideas of enriching peoples lives through recreation and social activities. At the Pines Community Center and throughout the communities of Tilton and Northfield NH, the council strives to provide the community with programs that are mentally, physically and socially challenging for all.

About 3M:
A recognized leader in research and development, 3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. 3M’s core strength is applying its more than 40 distinct technology platforms – often in combination – to a wide array of customer needs. With $23 billion in sales, 3M employs 75,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit www.3M.com, or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

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The Streetcar Company Presents The Miracle Worker

Nerrishia Bodwell as Annie Sullivan and Sophia Joyal as Helen Keller rehearse a scene from The Miracle Worker being presented by The Streetcar Company December 2nd-4th at Laconia High School

Laconia, NH-
The Streetcar Company will present William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker at Laconia High School on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th. With two months of rehearsals behind them, cast and crew will spend the last few days before opening night fine tuning their roles and acclimating themselves to the newly constructed set. Director J Alward and assistant director Carolyn Desrosiers are quite pleased with the progress made by the cast, especially as a number of them have had little or no previous stage experience. One thing Streetcar tries to encourage is for new members to come and be a part of the live theater experience. While lead actress, Nerrishia Bodwell as Annie Sullivan has a number of shows under her belt with Streetcar and other surrounding companies, this is the first show Heidi Erhard, as Kate Keller, has performed in since high school. “I feel very fortunate to be a part of this presentation.” said Erhard. “It’s been a really positive experience; I feel I have joined a whole new family and I hope the audience appreciates all the work everyone has put into this production.”

Sophia Joyal, a sixth grader at Laconia Middle School, has been seen in a number of Streetcar productions and shows a capacity beyond her years as she portrays the deaf and blind Helen. New to Streetcar, but not to the stage, are Suzanne Banister as Aunt Ev and Eric L. March as Capt. Keller. Others performing in the production are Braeden Alward as James, Dawn Thompson as Viney, Doug Embree as Mr. Anagnos, Riley Alward as Percy, Sharleigh Thomson as Martha, Peter Ayer as Ezekiel, Johan Andersen as the doctor, Rebekah Roy, Hannah Watson, Alexa Dembiec, Cecilia and Kayla Zarella as the blind girls, Alec Thomson as Jimmy and Marcia Haven and Melissa Bigler as the crones.

Based on Gibson’s 1957 teleplay, The Miracle Worker was first presented on Broadway in 1959 starring Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan and Patty Duke as Helen Keller. Gibson’s adaptation of Keller’s autobiography, The Story of My Life, garnered rave reviews for the production and lead to the Academy Award winning movie also starring Bancroft and Duke in 1962. The struggle by Sullivan to teach a deaf and blind Keller to communicate with the outside world is a powerful story of compassion and strength of character. Battling her own demons as well as the frustrations presented by the Keller family having coddled Helen for so long, Sullivan’s progress is slow but eventually all parties grow and adapt to the challenges in the end.

Show times are at 7pm on Friday and Saturday night, December 2nd and 3rd, with a 1pm matinee on Sunday the 4th. Tickets are available at Greenlaw’s Music in downtown Laconia, Danbury General Store 705 US Route 4 (at the junction of Routes 4 and 104), and will also be available at the door. Ticket prices are $10.00 each with an advanced sale price of $8.00 for 4 or more tickets purchased at the same time. All tickets will be $10.00 at the door.

For more information go to the company website at www.streetcarcompany.com

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3M Tilton Teams Up with Genesis Behavioral Health to Prevent Abuse

Susan Laflamme, Barry Livingstone, and Eileen Russilillo of 3M Tilton present a grant award to Genesis Behavioral Health Executive Director Maggie Pritchard (third from left) outside Genesis' Church Street offices.

Laconia NH-

3M Tilton has awarded a grant to Genesis Behavioral Health as a leading provider of mental health treatment in the Lakes Region. Genesis provides treatment to both sexual abusers and victims of sexual abuse in Belknap and southern Grafton counties. The grant from 3M will go toward staff training for child and family clinicians working with these populations.

“This grant from 3M comes at an important time for Genesis, as budget cuts had impacted our ability to fund the kinds of training we need to service our patients,” said Maggie Pritchard, Executive Director at Genesis. According to Public Relations & Communications Manager Kristen Welch, Genesis Behavioral Health saw over 3000 patients in a broad range of categories last year – with about an even split between severe mental issues, short term problems, and children.

Catching mental health issues early is critical to preventing bigger problems later on. According to Pritchard, “We see many times in our long term care patients that there were earlier signs of trouble – which if dealt with at the time with short term care likely would have prevented the long-term health issue. Identifying the need for and getting treatment after a trauma event makes a big difference in the long term health of patients.”

People seeking help or looking for more information can contact Genesis Behavioral Health at 603-524-1100.

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Announcing Web Marketing Services for the Lakes Region

Plymouth NH-

Local internet marketing services are now available in the Lakes Region thanks to the opening of Onefineham.com. Onefineham Internet Marketing aims to provide web marketing solutions to small businesses in the Lakes Region of NH.

The Economic Slowdown Does Not Have to Slow Your Business Down

“I look around and see many of my friends’ businesses struggling with the economic slowdown, yet I firmly believe there continues to be opportunities for growth,” says Barry Livingstone, founder of Onefineham.com. “Listen, in a down economy obviously businesses contract, and some fold up entirely. When a competitor folds up due to business pressures, that’s easy opportunity for the survivors to pick up new business.”

Supply Chain Disruptions Have Left Many Businesses Looking for Answers

Onefineham Internet Marketing aims to help those surviving businesses by getting them new customers either search for new solutions or who have had their tried-and-true business partners uprooted. Barry continues, “Hey, we’ve all seen it. I can’t think of a single business in the area that hasn’t had their supply chain impacted by vendor or distributor changes. Guess what? Your FUTURE CUSTOMERS are fighting supply chain disruption too.”

These Days People Look Locally for Solutions on the Web

What does Barry suggest? Get social. Get internet. Get moving. “The ways and means of reaching customers has changed dramatically. Traditional old-school advertising methods have not kept up with the times and are raising rates at a time when their effectiveness is at its lowest. Radio? Newspapers? Magazines? True they still reach people, but does anyone actually look at the phone book anymore? We can provide better cost of customer acquisition solutions on the web because our costs are lower and our content has a legacy impact – meaning that once you put your shingle up with us, its information remains available to new customers searching for solutions long after your initial publicity push. Long term the web is the better alternative – because that’s where the people are LOOKING for ANSWERS.”

Let Onefineham.com Help Write Your Internet Marketing Success Story

Helping Your Customers Find Solutions

Onefineham.com’s number one mission is to help your customers find your business on the web when they go looking for answers. Beyond that first, and most important basic capability, Onefineham Internet Marketing offers additional services to help give your customers the kind of personal, high quality service they expect. This may include a website design, or logos and graphics, or secure payment processing solutions. “With gas prices the way they are today, people would much rather shop local. Let’s work together and help them find answers at YOUR business today.”

About the Author:
Barry Livingstone of onefineham.com is the author of The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

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