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Leveraging Myself Through Article Writing and Working My Plan

So today I spent the morning using my favorite program, SENuke writing and publishing articles.  I’ve had quite a bit of success using that program to begin dominating targeted keywords.  I haven’t found the motherload yet however, but I am pleased with how I’ve come up the learning curve to really begin leveraging my time.  Every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week my articles and ads are working for me.  It doesn’t matter whether I am working, eating, sleeping, drinking or just screwing off – my programs, articles, and ads continue working for me.  I’m slowly turning myself into multiple copies of myself to exponentially improve my productivity.  Each day I get a little closer to my goal of freeing myself from the burden of income generation.  I really owe a giant debt of gratitude to Pot Pie Girl and her One Week Marketing program.  That has helped me organize and focus my efforts.  Those lessons, plus all the wonderful free giveaways and encouragement from her site really do make a daily difference in my optimism, my output, and my determination.  Hope you are getting fired up to work your plan the way I am working mine.

I also freed up some time to attend a barbershop festival for High School kids.  I was very proud to hear how well they performed.  Barbershop is a great avenue for learning to work as a team, gain self confidence and esteem, and truly enjoy music from a first person perspective.  Congrats to the Laconia, Winnisquam, Belmont, and Gilford kids who participated in the program.  Bravo!

To your success!
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