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Staying Motivated in Internet Marketing

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Staying motivated in internet marketing can be a challenge when you are just starting out or have been around for awhile only to have someone pull the rug out from under you. It isn’t the most pleasant experience in the world to have the rug yanked out from under you but you have to get used to it in life. To coin a phrase… “stuf happens.” The good people in life dust themselves off and keep going. The rest resign themselve to failure and lean on whatever crutch of blame gives them the most comfort. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

Staying Motivated Is Work

One of the least appreciated concepts in organizations today is that of motivation. People around the globe don’t always recognize that motivation is what keeps them working. Whether it’s a paycheck or perks or relationships the best motivators consistently find ways to keep their workers going. What happens to the person doing internet marketing on their own is they fail to keep their own motivational tank full. They don’t see a sale for days or weeks at a time. Maybe they had some income coming from one income stream but for whatever reason it dried up. Maybe Google killed their adwords account. Maybe an affiliate program stopped paying commissions. Maybe your vendor switched affiliate servicing programs.

The point is that whatever your success story is going to be in the future the road to that success will be paved in failures, and it is your job (read: work) to keep motivating yourself to continue building that road. Motivation is easy when things are going well. Bills are paid, opportunities present themselves, and life seems like an endless bounty of choices. People who have that advantage of success do have it easier than the person who is starting out or has experienced set-backs. RECOGNIZE IT. ACCEPT IT. OVERCOME IT.

Dealing with Loss

Did you realize that if you were not born into wealth then you are at a severe disadvantage in life and are fighting a battle with one arm tied behind your back? It’s the gospel truth, and it’s the first loss you have to deal with on your path to success. People are better than you. People have more resources than you. People have better opportunities and education than you.

Your very birth was your first loss if you were not born into wealth and to succeed in internet marketing or any other venture you must accept and understand your disadvantage and OVERCOME IT. Forgiving yourself for your own birth rank can be the first paving stone on your road to a better life. Play the hand life has dealt you and don’t blame yourself or anyone else when you lose – because life isn’t a fair fight and it never will be. I would even encourage you to grieve your loss as part of your acceptance of it and your starting point in the world… and hey, it could be worse, right? The smartest words ever told me (though I did not recognize how profound they were at the time) were spoken by my best friend in high school. Although those words were about weight-lifting, they apply much more broadly than he initially intented.

They were:

Don’t compare yourself to what others can do. (sic) Compete against yourself and try to improve.

It’s one of the simplest tricks people with advantage use in the book: belittle and denegrate others of lower advantage to destroy their motivation.

THIS YOU HAVE TO BE IMMUNE TO. Whether it’s about boyfriends, girlfriends, money, houses, jobs, cars, cell phones, WHATEVER!!!! You MUST be immune to the slings and arrows of the privileged few – because it is the easiest way to keep you where you are – by destroying your will to OVERCOME.

No, this post isn’t just about internet marketing and staying motivated. It’s about life. Internet marketing is but one path to take to achieving financial success. When you try to build a web business or ony other venture on your own, remember to be fair to yourself and remember to keep laying stones on your road and don’t let ANYONE stop you from being motivated to keep trying.


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The Immense Knowledgebase that is Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re just starting out and trying to make money online and are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate you just have no idea how much wisdom you are missing out on.

I just had the pleasure of reading my mentor’s (PotPieGirl) 1000th post on Wealthy Affiliate and it completely reminded me of all the things I need to remember to do succeed – without expending any money initially.

I tell you it’s those lengthy posts on WA where the real meat on the bones is found.  I woke this morning with renewed purpose and direction and have since gotten many campaigns back on the upswing.

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