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How to Earn $300 a day | People Search Program Review

I recently joined the internet people search business and have found it to to be an easy to setup internet business. I am already proficient in understanding how to promote the business and am excited about both the short term and long term income opportunities. Internet people search provides income immediately in the form of small compensation in return for lead generation. It also provides long term income in the form of referrals to the program. Lastly there is an income opportunity for residual income, and that is where the real long term opportunity lies.
I would strongly urge anyone wanting to really get their feet wet in making money online to consider the people search business.  It costs ~$120/year to operate and has multiple streams of income.  There is $125 in guaranteed commissions within 24 hrs and as I said before real opportunity for long term growth and stability with multiple level residual income from the domain hosting program.
I already have generated multiple leads (small income), and have several referrals (residual income).  This program is growing steadily and I expect I will earn $300 a day in the not too distant future.

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