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Thank You PotPieGirl and Wealthy Affiliate

A quick few words about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am well on my way to making it as an internet marketer, and there are a couple of extremely important websites where I took HUGE and I mean HUGE leaps up the learning curve in terms of understanding just how powerful a tool the internet could be. 

First and foremost I must thank my incredibly giving friend and mentor, PotPieGirl.
Second but not to be forgotten is that I never EVER would have met Jennifer (PPG) were it not for having joined Wealthy Affiliate. 

When I started this new push into internet marketing I already knew how to register a domain name and get domain hosting for my account, put up web pages, etc.  But I didn’t know how to really drive traffic to my sites.  I did not understand google at all.  Now I do.

It is clear to me now more than ever that a year from now I will be completely successful as an Internet Marketer, and I have Jennifer and WA to thank. 

Thanks a million guys… I get it now.
Barry – onefineham

PS.  I should also mention WA member klrrider, who was among the first to help me find good resources and get me my way on WA quickly and inexpensively.

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One Week Marketing Training Product Review

One Week Marketing with PotPieGirl

One Week Marketing Membership with PotPieGirl - $97

One Week Marketing with PotPieGirl – $97 – One Week Marketing with PotPieGirl gathers a HUGE volume of information relevent to internet marketing on the cheap and puts it all into one package.  The One Week Marketing program is just what it says – it divides the tasks associated with putting together effective internet marketing campaigns into a program that can be accomplished every week.  The goal of the program is to establish an effective, targeting marketing campaign every single week for a year.  At the end of the year users of One Week Marketing should have ~52 campaigns running with several hundred targeted promotional pieces out on the web earning at least a little money each.  There is a stunning amount of material in this guide and it is focused on getting a single, focused, effective, marketing campaign out the door every single week.  Once you know what products and keywords to market, use this guide to develop and implement your campaign.

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