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Ditch Your Boss for Tissa Godavitarne

SO another weekend has come and gone and I’m back to work.  My former boss (who still has some authority over what information system access I had) is being a real “insert not nice word of choice here”.   I had found last year that it was time for the old ditch your boss routine… and now that I’m no longer a direct subordinate she goes out of her way to do petty things like mess with my information system access to aggravate me.  Why 3M refuses to do anything about her is beyond me.  She is a cancer in this place that needs to be excised or some serious chemo.

Spent much of the weekend doing spring clean up around the yard (gotta love the new chainsaw… more on that later) and otherwise preparing for next weekend’s performance in Rochester.  Went to an AMAZING performance of The Producers at the Palace Theatre with my friend Matt Mercier.  I hope others go to see it as well.

I did find some time to work on my article marketing and get the next campaign setup in SENuke.   Man that program just continues to get better. I was relieved to learn that the writers of the program are going to close the program off at 1000 subscriptions.  That should both limit the competition and seriously motivate my readers to get with the freakin’ program and sign up already.

Late on Sunday night had a terrific webinar with Tissa Godavitarne – he of the free people search biz.  Man that guy is a genius.  I can’t say enough about how using his search business and just sort of following the learning material links have brought me so far up the learning curve.  Yeah, he’s earned a number of commissions at my expense however I feel as though that is pocket change given how far my knowledge of Google and Web 2.0 has advanced in the last 10-12 weeks.  Being able to go online with him yesterday and pose some questions about the search business was very cool.  I don’t think he has to necessarily spend time teaching folks like me but I for one appreciate the opportunity to learn from someone obviously more experienced than me.

I have to run now but I hope everyone who reads this is having a better day than I am.  Hopefully you have already figured out how to ditch your boss… or perhaps your boss isn’t as awful as my former boss is being.

Take care and have a great day.
Barry – onefineham

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SENuke Review – The 800lb Gorilla of Web 2.0 Promotion

The first time you use the program SENuke you realize to yourself – “OH-MY-GOD” Watching SENuke setup (read: BLAZE thru) your web 2.0 accounts and get all your accounts and passwords established is a jaw dropping experience.  This piece of Web 2.0 genius is akin to the first bridge between man and machine.  This program leverages time into the bleepin’ stratosphere!

Anyone who has tried article marketing knows just how time consuming writing quality articles can be.  Google optimization dictates that articles must be different from one another.  That means the pain-staking process of writing articles for back-links to improve Google score takes longer and longer.  What SENuke does is it radically reduces the time required to build multiple back-links to your optimized articles.  While it does take additional time to write your first article with SENuke, by the time you are finished you will have MULTIPLE unique articles for submission to whatever Web 2.0 sites you see fit to publish them on. 

This is one of the most complete automation programs I have EVER seen – and believe me I know, I’ve written a few myself.  The work of one person using SENuke is equivalent to 10 men working independently.  It is an astonishing accomplishment in work productivity.  Bravo to them!

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