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Hurricane Irene Impact Plymouth NH

Plymouth, NH-

Hurricane Irene had a significant impact over a wide area of Plymouth due to the twin rivers (Pemigewasset and Baker) which shape and run through the town. Anyone who has looked at flood plain maps of the area can see there is a significant area of flood plain (most of which is sparsely developed), but there are also some areas which have significant development. Needless to say as a result of Hurricane Irene this past weekend a number of businesses in the flood plain sustained significant damage.

Helicopter Video of Hurricane Irene Damage in Plymouth NH
It just so happens that the morning after hurricane Irene there was enough calm air and sunshine to get a helicopter in the air to survey the damage. The video posted on Facebook is quite clear in showing just how far and wide the Pemigewasset and Baker river flood plains are near town. Some of the highlights from Bruce’s awesome video starting from Plymouth High School (just behind my house) include: Tenney Mtn Highway (:24), Rt 3 (:43) I-93 exit 26 (:46), Common Man Plymouth (:49), PSU Athletic Field/Exit 25 (:46), Annie’s Overflow/Ice Arena/Gas Stations (:59), vast flood plain (1:04), and eventually rt 3 again (2:00 – a line of trees in the water) and the Bridgewater Power Station (2:18).

Businesses Impacted Heavily by the Flooding
Suffice to say that the businesses nearest to exit 25 on I-93 on route 175 saw significant flooding resulting in businesses closing indefinitely until repairs are made. This second video shows a ground eye view of several downtown Plymouth NH landmarks and businesses. Friends familiar with Annie’s Overflow (3:00), the Irving Station (:45), and the Citgo Station / Big Apple (formerly Mobil) will find them closed while repairs are made. Other favorite landmarks such as the Green Street ampitheatre (:30) and the Plymouth State University Athletic Field (1:13) and the new Ice Arena (:00) are also visible.

Tough Road Ahead for Business Recovery
I spend a considerable amount of time in the flood damaged areas, and I am very concerned about the businesses (and their employees) recovering quickly. Each day I pass by Annie’s and the service stations and I hope for everyones sake that they get back up and running soon. Judging by the flood videos and comments I have heard from around town – it’s going to take a lot of work to get things going again. I hope when things return to normal on Rt 175 you all will come over and have breakfast with me and my friends at Annie’s Overflow. They’ll appreciate the business. Tell them Barry sent you.

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