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Announcing Web Marketing Services for the Lakes Region

Plymouth NH-

Local internet marketing services are now available in the Lakes Region thanks to the opening of Onefineham Internet Marketing aims to provide web marketing solutions to small businesses in the Lakes Region of NH.

The Economic Slowdown Does Not Have to Slow Your Business Down

“I look around and see many of my friends’ businesses struggling with the economic slowdown, yet I firmly believe there continues to be opportunities for growth,” says Barry Livingstone, founder of “Listen, in a down economy obviously businesses contract, and some fold up entirely. When a competitor folds up due to business pressures, that’s easy opportunity for the survivors to pick up new business.”

Supply Chain Disruptions Have Left Many Businesses Looking for Answers

Onefineham Internet Marketing aims to help those surviving businesses by getting them new customers either search for new solutions or who have had their tried-and-true business partners uprooted. Barry continues, “Hey, we’ve all seen it. I can’t think of a single business in the area that hasn’t had their supply chain impacted by vendor or distributor changes. Guess what? Your FUTURE CUSTOMERS are fighting supply chain disruption too.”

These Days People Look Locally for Solutions on the Web

What does Barry suggest? Get social. Get internet. Get moving. “The ways and means of reaching customers has changed dramatically. Traditional old-school advertising methods have not kept up with the times and are raising rates at a time when their effectiveness is at its lowest. Radio? Newspapers? Magazines? True they still reach people, but does anyone actually look at the phone book anymore? We can provide better cost of customer acquisition solutions on the web because our costs are lower and our content has a legacy impact – meaning that once you put your shingle up with us, its information remains available to new customers searching for solutions long after your initial publicity push. Long term the web is the better alternative – because that’s where the people are LOOKING for ANSWERS.”

Let Help Write Your Internet Marketing Success Story

Helping Your Customers Find Solutions’s number one mission is to help your customers find your business on the web when they go looking for answers. Beyond that first, and most important basic capability, Onefineham Internet Marketing offers additional services to help give your customers the kind of personal, high quality service they expect. This may include a website design, or logos and graphics, or secure payment processing solutions. “With gas prices the way they are today, people would much rather shop local. Let’s work together and help them find answers at YOUR business today.”

About the Author:
Barry Livingstone of is the author of The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

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