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I Read an Issue of Glamour Magazine

Ok so I read the Glamour Magazine Jan 2010 issue. What on Earth possessed me to do such a thing? Well, for one, I was stuck at the allergist’s office for 30 minutes… and I had read all the other magazines in the rack. I actually had a lot of fun reading it – certainly enough to share some of what was inside. Here’s what I found interesting.

Why I Can’t Make Myself a Believer in Sarah Jessica Parker

I have to admit I was pretty cynical about the contents going in (and there was plenty of stuff that I’m sure someone other than me found interesting – like the two Sarah Jessica Parker (producer/star of Sex in the City) pieces – why does she do absolutely nothing for me… I don’t know). I was also disappointed someone ripped out the pages with the article “50 things about your body parts you need to know about” (or something like that). After walking away from this post for awhile I thought about it further and decided Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t appeal to me because she is missing a ‘fatal flaw’ that would make her seem more human like the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong – I admire her greatly, I guess I’m just not a believer that anyone can be that good without screwing up big time somewhere. She was cute in Footloose.

Fun Stuff for Guys Too in Glamour Magazine

I did find myself fascinated by what the magazine editors (and presumably readers) found important. There was a mix of celebrity fashion dos and don’ts (I was big on the don’ts). I liked the celebrity fashion tips, including a series on various ways to make denim work for your Saturday night wear without looking like a hick. They had some good ideas. I really like how all the models looked good and confident. I think it’s really important for young people to feel confident, and having appearance tips and style ideas to imitate must be helpful.

Guys! Be Appreciative of Knock Out Facial Makeup Jobs!

Another thing that struck me is the amazing job the models and celebrities do with makeup. The difference a professional eye makeup job makes is really striking. Girls have it really tough when it comes to trying to imitate their favorite celebrities. Guys really ought to notice and appreciate it when their ladies do a knock out job on their makeup. I’ve had the misfortune of doing makeup for stage performances and I can tell you it’s a mystery to me how the pros make themselves look so good.

The Story of Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski is a co-anchor on MSNBC’s morning show with Joe Scarborough. She’s one of those super “gotta do it all and do it now” women that we used to read about all the time in the mid-1990s. Once you get into reading something like Mika’s story you get a much better appreciation about people (not just women) who push themselves to the limit. That is not to say that everyone has the same capacity (limits) in terms of how much they can do in a day or a lifetime, but what makes Mika’s story so familiar is the ultimate result when her stress limit was reached – resulting in a breakdown. I think alot of us can appreciate the stress in life she described, even if the circumstances were not always immediately familiar to us.

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