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Writing a Cover Letter and Resume – What Are You Selling?

Writing a cover letter and resume that accurately reflects your skillset, experience and work habits will go a long way toward helping you land in the ideal position for you long term.  When you go to write your cover letter – what are you really trying to convey?  Here’s a few recommendations:

  • Be professional – no errors – spelling, grammatical, factual, or otherwise
  • Be courteous – are you genuinely thankful for the opportunity?  Show it in words
  • Give them a ‘wow’ moment – tell them something you did for a previous employer that was above and beyond
  • Show them you’ve done your homework – what about their company excites you?

Take these few tips into consideration and writing a cover letter and resume should come much easier for you.  Don’t over-do it of course – you still want to keep it brief, but do be sure to demonstrate your competence, confidence, and enthusiasm for your work.  Then to get that extra little boost, consider this little secret hot job document.

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