SENuke Review – The 800lb Gorilla of Web 2.0 Promotion

The first time you use the program SENuke you realize to yourself – “OH-MY-GOD” Watching SENuke setup (read: BLAZE thru) your web 2.0 accounts and get all your accounts and passwords established is a jaw dropping experience.  This piece of Web 2.0 genius is akin to the first bridge between man and machine.  This program leverages time into the bleepin’ stratosphere!

Anyone who has tried article marketing knows just how time consuming writing quality articles can be.  Google optimization dictates that articles must be different from one another.  That means the pain-staking process of writing articles for back-links to improve Google score takes longer and longer.  What SENuke does is it radically reduces the time required to build multiple back-links to your optimized articles.  While it does take additional time to write your first article with SENuke, by the time you are finished you will have MULTIPLE unique articles for submission to whatever Web 2.0 sites you see fit to publish them on. 

This is one of the most complete automation programs I have EVER seen – and believe me I know, I’ve written a few myself.  The work of one person using SENuke is equivalent to 10 men working independently.  It is an astonishing accomplishment in work productivity.  Bravo to them!

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