The Way to Internet Riches is Paved with Hard Work

So I spent the bulk of my evening that I otherwise would have spent socializing working my butt off.  I continue to work at my websites and campaigns, today examining a domain hosting program as well as a cheap domain registration program.  Both are critical elements of any large scale internet marketing program, particularly if you want to send links from the premium article publishing sites back to your affiliate programs via domain redirect.  Sites like Ezines don’t allow direct affiliate linking, but you can do so via a re-directed primary domain (i.e. a address) .   You can’t do such a link through a sub-domain, so that means if you’re article marketing on the cheap then you still need to do a bunch of fire and forget cheap domain registration to setup all the domain forwarding (redirecting) and masking.  SENuke continues to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I don’t know that all of you will ever try using it, but if you do the article marketing campaign and have some success but want to go after the big fish… SENuke puts your article marketing program on steriods.  Definitely get the professional version… it costs double per month, but it does 100 times as much.

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