People Search Payment Threshold Reached | Google Page Rank Achieved

So I expert to be receiving my first payment from my people search biz program when the next payment cycle comes through.  I’ve been continuing to build my business a little every day following the One Week Marketing program as laid out by my mentor.  Each time I write an article or place a free ad I grow closer to my goal of ultimate freedom.  I have to admit my domain hosting business is slow right now but that is because I am focusing on the areas which I’ve built previous momentum.  I am also waiting for the upcoming special promotion my sponsor Tissa Godavitarne is preparing for the hosting business.  His advertising campaigns are simply amazing and extremely successful.  Once I took his recommendation and signed up for Wealthy Affiliate my own business began to show results.  As I said, today I reached a payment threshold in one of my businesses, and I look forward to each of the other many businesses to pay off as my web presence grows.  One of my articles has even received Google Page Rank!  Who’d have thunk a podunk nobody like me could understand Google enough to earn page rank?

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