Guitar Lessons for Beginners Series Now Online

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Series
A buddy of mine and I have gone through the trouble of putting together a simple yet very power series of guitar lessons together on the web for you.  The information in these online web lessons is enough to take you from never having picked up a guitar to playing solos over your own self recordings in seven lessons and about 2 hours learning time (and maybe 20 hours of practice time to get enough dexterity and feel).  Online lead guitar lessons are a great and inexpensive way to dip your toe in the water.

If you already know a little bit about guitar, by the end of this series you’ll know more about the guitar and why things sound the way they do than most guitarists ever know.  Without further adieu, here are the lessons in all their glory.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Series:
Mastering Chords – Beginner Guitar Chords
Mastering Riffs – Simple Beginner Chords and Patterns
Guitar Note Chart – For Both Novice and Advanced Guitarists
Lead Guitar Notes Played in Two Positions
Metal Guitar Scale to Use with a Im-IV-Vm Chord Progression
Lead Guitar Exercises to Make You Blistering Fast and Accurate
Guitar Scale Exercises That Will Stretch Your Ability and Warm You Up Daily

You can also find more advanced and complete lessons on which this series has been based and additional free video demonstrations here.

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