Mirrored Contact Lenses Look Great in Blacklight

Vision Without Glasses
Mirrored contact lenses have been made all the rage by movies such as the Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black. Star Vin Diesel wore some exceptionally cool looking mirrored contact lenses in those movies and that established the rage that has become popular at many underground night clubs and black light parties.

What these lenses do is reflect light back against a special mirror coating painted on the backside (eyeside) of the lens.  Other special coatings added to the mirror coating make the lenses not only reflect light back, but also luminesce in black light.  The effects (and colors) can be quite spectacular (see examples here).

Are Mirrored Contact Lenses Safe?

Safety concerns are an issue, and these lenses (by their additional construction steps) are different significantly in terms of care, appearance, and performance than regular contact lenses.  There are some limitations on the manufacturer’s ability to make perscription lenses for example, although some perscriptions can be made.  You definitely do not want to be wearing these lenses while operating a motor vehicle, as by nature significant changes in the way light is hitting your eyes are made by the mirrors.  Other than that, the lenses are pretty much like regular contact lenses with a lifespan of about a year. 

More Information on Mirrored Contact Lenses

If you want to read more about mirrored contact lenses, click here.  To see some sample lenses other than mirrored contact lenses, visit the dealer’s own website here.  The bottom line?  These high fashion contact lenses look absolutely amazing, are comfortable for people used to wearing contact lenses, and are safe to use if properly cared for and simple directions and restrictions are followed.

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