Option Trading Tutorial – Binary Option Trading

So I ran into an option trading tutorial online the other day and thought I’d share it with you here.  This covers a relatively new field called binary option trading.  It’s a cheap way for smaller capital investors to make some big gains in a short period of time.  If you know what is stock options trading already, then this binary options trading primer comparing the similarities and differences between binary options trading and  standard options trading will get you up to speed quickly. 

Having said that, it is a great time in America to be getting into this market.  Because of the de-leveraging all the banks had to go through in the last several months, trillions of dollars of equities and currency options trading positions had to be unwound, particularly in the highly liquid stocks  in the binary option trading area.  Right now new brokers are aggressively going after new business

I suppose I should talk a little more about the option trading tutorial.  It goes into what sort of stocks are covered (virtually all are household names, plus the major US dollar/forex options trading of exchange rates), it talks about what sorts of positions you can take (basically call and put), and it also has an interesting options hedging strategy as well on one of the related links.

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