The Thrill of the Chase of Internet Marketing

I love the challenge of internet marketing.  It isn’t that it is easy. It isn’t.  What makes internet marketing enjoyable is the never ending thrill of the chase – the anticipation of the next great discovery, you know?  Where else can you wake up in the morning, throw $10 bucks at an idea with the very real possibility that the $10 you just spent is going to be a winning lottery ticket every day for the next ten years?

I don’t know of too many occupations where each day brings infinite choice and limitless opportunity.  There are no guarantees of course (other than lots of work), but show me a job with a guarantee these days?

Internet Marketing Is an Insatiable Draw for Puzzle Lovers
Another great thrill from working online is the constant challenge of learning.  Learning about products.  Learning to write interesting articles, posts, and reviews.  Each day is filled with mental puzzles and opportunities to find solutions.  Finding solutions ultimately leads to success and rewards which YOU pocket and don’t have to share or hand over to anyone else.  Maybe I’m just wierd this way but I’ve done a lot of problem solving for a lot of years for a lot of people and I have very little to show for it.  Now I work for myself online, keeping what I make.  I haven’t quit the day job mind you, I still have a role to play solving problems and creating value and some consistent income and insurance.  There are definitely benefits to having a day job don’t get me wrong, but the little entrepreneur in me just can ever quit, ya know?

Work Life Balance Matters and Is Improving
I have to say today was a really terrific day in terms of a rewarding work/life balance.  I had a lot of chores to get done and yet I hammered away at them.  I spent an hour or so working on internet marketing, then an hour or so outside on a beautiful day doing yardwork and prepping the house for the winter.  Spent a little more time working on some website issues then went out for a short run.  Did a little more work on the internet (this post) while creating a new website based on a tiny amount of research and a moment of inspiration.  Whelp, it looks like the new blog is installed and ready for configuration.

The chase is on and I’ve bought a new $10 lottery ticket. Wish me luck!


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