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The question of where to advertise for free could easily be answered, “online, stupid!” but perhaps the better question would be where to advertise for free and improve the chances your message will be read? Understanding and perfecting how, when, and where to advertise for free online will stretch your marketing budget and reduce the stress of your marketing campaign. Here we’ll explore three potential methods for getting your business found online without spending a dime – and maybe a way to save effort by doing all of them at once!

Using Article Marketing

Everyone talks about article marketing but it recently has taken some severe blows due to over-saturation of certain online / spammy topics. If your business doesn’t fall into one of those Google-hated industries, then odds are you can still go the article marketing route. The benefits of using an article marketing strategy are the cost and the ability to leverage the longevity of the established search engine ranking of the website. The downside with this strategy is that there is a lot of competition for prime front-page space and your articles are sure to have limited lifespan and utility.

What about Using Free Blogs?

Free blogs can be a great source of advertising online – similar to article marketing however this comes with the challenge of building an audience and search engine ranking from scratch. The blessings are again the cost and the ability to somewhat leverage the search engine ranking of the host site, but unfortunately the drawback is building the site so as to be able to take advantage of that host site reputation.

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What about Social Network Marketing?

Social network marketing gives a lot of advantages to the small business looking for where to advertise for free. The cost is typically free (at least to open an account and adding friends), and the best social networks help automatically build your contacts for you. This makes increasing your audience size relatively easy. The question then becomes one of how to manage your message and get the word out to your readers.

This is where having the right knowledge can really bring all three elements of a free marketing strategy together. Knowing where to advertise for free to get the maximum impact out of each of your marketing.

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