Free Video Slideshow Software Review Android

‚ÄčThere are a number of free video slideshow software solutions on the market, and particularly for the android platform. I have had the challenge of using a number of them in an effort to create a slideshow video presentation. I can also say that while although I was ultimately successful in creating my movie from a slide presentation the effort and time required was more than I expected. It made me question the utility of using my tablet to make video slideshows when an original voice component was required.

Another important point to make is that while free mobile video editor apps were fine for making movies from slideshows combined with existing formatted stock audio mp3 files, premium (paid) software was required for combining multiple original audio files in a movie editor.

Here is a list of some of the apps I tried, followed by the combination of apps I ultimately needed to complete my project.

  • Video Show
  • Video Maker
  • Video Maker Pro Free
  • KlipMix Free Video Maker
  • VideoFX Music Video Maker
  • Video Maker Movie Editor
  • Movie Studio (Android preloaded)

… At this point if you’re getting the idea that I installed and tried literally every free movie making app in the Google Play marketplace, I would say you’re pretty close to the mark. Ultimately none of them were fully capable of doing all I was asking the software to do. In the end I was able to create a slideshow and convert it into a movie by splicing several audio files together in a timeline, publish the video and upload it to YouTube. The audio was not that great (see the video here).

In the end, I find it much easier to use my desktop PC to turn PowerPoint into video. If you are in fact determined to turn slideshows into videos on your android device then this combination of apps will get the job done:

  1. Google Slides (presentation slides maker)
  2. Android Sound Recorder (audio files)
  3. Android Gallery (crop photos of slides to size)
  4. File Manager HD (rename files for convenience)
  5. Media Converter (convert sound files)

and finally, the Pro version (pay) of MovieAid, which cost less than $10. Given the laundry list of software needed to splice audio and slides together… I seriously recommend staying with the desktop video slideshow solution instead.

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