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        How to Use the Publicity Tools at
Many Solutions to Your PR Problems

        There are a lot of tools available at to help you get the word out about your show... but if you follow these steps
        and links below you'll go a long way towards achieving your online PR goals. If you follow the steps correctly, your press release will
        show up in multiple places on the web within half an hour!

        Open an Account at Forum

        All it requires is a valid email address! Create a calender event with links in your post to your press release. Create links in your profile
        and signature file back to your home website (if any).

        Create and Submit a Press Release

        Write a press release with all the relevant details (read How to Write an Effective Press Release) and submit it to the articles database.
        Our articles database has all kinds of new bells and whistles, including social bookmarking and the ability to grab your very own articles
        RSS feed!

        Create an Event on the Calendar with all the Details

        Be sure to select the correct STATE! You can correct it later but it's easier if you get it right the first time. All fields are searchable so
        put in whatever details you feel necessary  Create a backlink to your Press Release. Backlinks are ok but require usage of BBC code
        ([url=http://etc][/url]) which is slightly different from HTML. Attach a small picture to add some color. Then social bookmark the event
        posting and the press release (click your favorite social bookmarking tool - facebook, myspace, google, whatever!).

        See an Example of a Fully Set Up Press Release and Event

        Here is a recent press release and event I put together for a show I did in 2010. Copy the formula I used (create press release and post
        to blog, create calender event with all the details, link the event to the press release and your ticket site (don't forget the photos!), and
        then social bookmark. Then email a link to the event to all your friends or use our email this post link. The more links you send out, the
        more publicity your show will get.