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  We've made some recent changes and additions to our website and hope you'll enjoy the vastly expanded blog
  content we've put together for you.  Read our new page: How to Use Web 2.0 for Publicity

  Also don't miss our Welcome to Free Web Publicity Video on the Blog

  Things We've Added:
  What remains the same as before is that if you are an entertainer, own a venue, or simply like to be
  entertained, then this site is still for YOU!

  Todosquepaso quite literally means 'Totally what's happenin!'

        What that means is that if you've got somethin' going on, publicize it here. (email registration required -
        view our privacy policy)

        If your band is playing out this weekend post your show dates here. (email registration required).

        If you're just sitting around wondering what's goin' on search for your favorite acts here
        (no registration required).

        If you're just sitting around bored and want to read the latest gossip, view the forum (guests welcome), or
        read and post comments on our new blog - words of onefineham - (email registration required).

        You may also put out a press release and get free publicity for your shows and events - (email
        registration required).

        All these services: publicizing your shows, promoting your venue, searching for your favorite acts are
        **FREE** to you.  Having said that, please do us a favor and patronize our sponsors to help us pay the bills or
        check out our shopping mall.

        Thanks so much, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!