Make $300 a Day Online – Critical Research Tools for Success

Anyone wanting to Make $300 a Day online needs to fully understand how to effectively do research on keywords and competition.  People who do not know what the competition is for a given keyword are bound to spend countless hours on fruitless campaigns.  I will be presenting a series of posts on the topic of research tools, and specifically, the research tools I use to do my research and generate my online business.

As I make these posts and put them together I will link back to this initial post all the product reviews so that it will be easy to access them all from one place.  These links take you to the program review page for each item.

1. Beating Adwords Product Review – Understand how Google thinks about PAID advertising – make the leap of logic to understand how it also applies to organic UNPAID search results as well.

2. WebComp Analyst – See how your current pages (if any) compete for various search terms quickly and definitively.  Analyze NEW keywords to target and see what it will take to compete in Google organic (free) results for any keyword you can think of.

3. USFreeAds Premium Service – The FASTEST way to get competitive content onto the web.  Once you’ve found a keyword with low competition and an affiliate program to serve a need for that keyword get content onto the web FAST using USFreeAds.

4. One Week Marketing with PotPieGirl – Learn how to make yourself into a web marketing MACHINE by progressing from research thru implementation for one effective campaign per week.

5. SENuke – Oh. My. God. Turns the promotion work of one person into 10!  Learn how to do internet article promotion first, THEN view this post and see the video and take their 7-day trial offer.  Oh my bleepin’ GOD!

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